By Taylor Coil

If you’ve never tried Facebook Ads before, the process can be a bit daunting. Fear not: we’re seasoned professionals and can help you out. Here’s a step-by-step process to creating your first Facebook Ad to get more likes.

1. Locate the Ads Manager.

Look on the left hand sidebar of your News Feed on Facebook. Under your photo, (in ‘Favorites’) look for ‘Ads Manager.’ Click on it!



2. Create an Ad.

Once you’re in the Ads manager, look in the top right of your screen for a green button that says ‘create an ad.’ Click on it!


3. Select Which Facebook Page You’d Like to Advertise.

Once you’re in the ads creator, the first option will be a drop-down menu of all the pages you manage. Select the Facebook page you’d like to advertise from that menu.  Immediately below the page drop-down will be an option to get more likes, promote posts, or see advanced options. Select ‘Get More Page Likes.’


4. Decide on Your Ad Copy and Imagery.

This is where you get to be creative. Think about what your target audience will respond to – something meaningful to the reader. Do you write thrillers? Try something like “fans of John Grisham will love this book.”

TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE ADS: Use an image with bright colors to stand out. Customize your ad’s headline AND copy. Add a call to action like ‘Click Like to Learn More!’ at the end of your ad. Test multiple variations of ad copy and imagery to find the formula that works the best.


5. Select Your Targeting.

Targeting is perhaps the most important part of advertising: you have to reach the right people. Think creatively about what your readers like and talk about online. If your book is a mystery or thriller, try targeting people who like New York Times Bestselling authors in your genre. If your book is going to be free on Kindle, take a stab at people who own Kindles.  You can target by location, age, and interest.

TIP: When targeting by interest, there will be two different options:  target audiences with #’s in the beginning, and those without. #’s indicates a broad interest that topic: so #John Grisham targets people who have posted or commented about John Grisham AND people who have expressed interest in closely related terms (like “John Grisham’s books”). Audiences without #s in the beginning mean that people in that target like a precise interest with no variants (so John Grisham means that people like the page have expressed interest in John Grisham).


6. Set Your Budget and Duration.

Name your campaign something that you’ll be able to reference later. Set your budget – it can be a set amount you’d like to spend per day, or over the entire course of the campaign. You can also pick a start and end date or run your campaign continuously.


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