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Limelight is designed to get more exposure and attention for your books. The Limelight dedicated email is an exclusive weekly eblast for romance titles that puts your books front and center to readers. This is a great way to build your brand as an author - no matter where you are on the bestseller list. Get exposure when and where you need it with the Limelight Dedicated Email!

Get The Attention You Deserve

Whether you need to promote your book, announce a new one, or grow your social media presence, the Limelight dedicated email is the perfect way to get noticed in today's cluttered market. 

You're in the Spotlight

You're in the Spotlight

With no competition and a unique creative presentation, all eyes are on your book. You choose which book you want as the hero of the day, as long as the ebook is free or priced at $0.99. Leave it to us to make it look great! 


See an example.

Showcase Your Catalog

Showcase Your Catalog

Pick 3 additional books to be featured in the email. These books can be priced however you like. It's a great way to help readers discover your backlist.


See an example.  

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Share your journey and connect with readers on a personal level. Link to your website or use this as an opportunity to build your social presence. 

It absolutely worked for me!! I had about 57 buys which was about double the day before, and I went from around 6K the day before to 9K pages read that day (so up 50%). Plus, I got my orange flag back that day for best seller in medical romance, which means I got even more downloads. I'm small, so these numbers are really AMAZING for me.

LJ EvansLJ EvansAuthor

Tuesday was an INCREDIBLE day. I booked promos for every day from Monday - Thursday this week and Tuesday was by far my best day. Finding You sold more than 2x the units it did on the other days of my sale - and that includes the day I got an International BookBub. I am thrilled with these results.

Daphne ElliottDaphne ElliottAuthor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book Limelight? How much does it cost?

Limelight is currently available to promote romance ebooks under the Red Feather Romance brand. We hope to expand Limelight to other Written Word Media brands in the future. 
Limelight costs $500. 

Which retailers does Limelight support?

Limelight support all retailers. Authors may include as many retail links on the spotlight book as you would like. 

What are the book price requirements for Limelight?

The spotlight book must be free or 99c. There are no price requirements for the 3 additional books that are included in the email. 

What sales or downloads can I expect to see?

Sales and downloads will vary based on the book and the price. Limelight is best for authors looking to build their brand exposure with readers. For authors looking for immediate and direct ROI, our Red Feather Romance daily deals are a better fit. 

What if I am dissatisfied with Limelight's performance?

Due to the exclusive and scarce nature of the Limelight dedicated eblast we cannot issue any refunds once a Limelight eblast has gone out. 

When does the Limelight eblast go out?

The Limelight dedicated eblast goes out once a week on Wednesdays at 3pm EST. 

Can I list books  by other authors in the Other Books section of the email?

We recommend having all the books in the email authored by you. After all, this email is all about you! If you have collaboration with another author you'd like to highlight, go right ahead. 

Where can I link my author section?

Most authors prefer to link their author section to their Instagram or Facebook pages. However, this email is all about you and if you'd like to link to your website or another social profile, go right ahead!

Be seen with the Limelight dedicated eblast. Schedule your Limelight campaign today!