At Written Word Media we believe that books are a force for good in this world. That’s why we have chosen these two local nonprofit organizations to parter with: their mission is to leverage books to change the worlds of underserved children and teens through literacy and access to books.


Book Harvest


61% of America’s low-income children are growing up in homes without any books. Book Harvest’s big dream is to change that reality — to provide home libraries to every low-income child in Durham and beyond — and to demonstrate all the benefits that accrue when children in poverty grow up with a wealth of books at home.

In its first four years, Book Harvest placed more than 265,000 donated books in the hands and homes of low-income children in the Triangle – an average of more than a thousand books a week.

We are partnering with Book Harvest by donating hundreds of additional books each month to their efforts.


Grow Our Kids


Grow Our Kids is dedicated to getting wholesome food to hungry children during longer breaks from school along with basic care and comfort items, and books. We want to take a lack of nourishment – of body, heart, or mind – out of the equation so that kiddos in difficult situations can thrive as early learners.

Written Word Media is partnering with Grow Our Kids by sponsoring their Little Minds Program. The “Little Minds” program provides reading-level appropriate books, both new and gently used, home to families participating in our “Little Bellies” programs.