Welcome to Your Book Marketing Hub

We make it easy for you to reach a world of readers

Welcome to Your Book Marketing Hub
Email Promotions

Email Promotions

  • Sell more books with targeted email newsletters
  • Drive sales, downloads, reviews, and rankings
  • Connect with readers who love your genre
  • Save time and money with our automated system
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Promo Stacks

Promo Stacks

  • Catapult your book’s visibility to captivate new readers
  • Use Amazon’s algorithm to your advantage
  • Schedule multiple eBook promos across different promo sites with one click
  • Save time and hassle by locking in your promo dates
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Facebook and Amazon

Facebook and Amazon

  • Expert ad campaign creation and optimization
  • Drive sales and visibility of your titles over 5 – 10 days
  • Get access to proprietary audiences
  • Communicate directly with our ad specialists
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Reach a World of Readers

  • Climb the Bestseller Charts
  • Build Reviews
  • Find Your Best Fans
  • Save Time and Money

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Get a leg up on the competition with a Gold or Platinum membership. Premium membership pays for itself with members receiving 10% off purchases and discounts at 3rd party partners. That's in addition to other valuable benefits, including VIP customer support, early access to promo dates, and more. Sign up today!

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"Great customer service, exceeding my expectations with every promotion I purchase from them, and going above and beyond with great blog posts and timely updates on how to sell books are just some of the qualities that keep me coming back to Written Word Media. They haven't disappointed me once."

Heather Grace Stewart

International Kindle Bestelling Author

"I’ve used Written Word Media several times and have always found them to be excellent to deal with – professional, responsive and knowledgeable. The ads have also led to a noticeable spike in sales and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Mark Dawson

USA Today Bestselling Author

"I’ve been using Written Word Media to promote my novels since the end of 2017 and have had wonderful results on the sales front, with new readers finding my work with every promo. They offer an easy to use Dashboard which allows me to track the books I have on promotion, and when I am next eligible to promote a book. I highly recommend them to all self-published authors."

Wayne Marinovich

American Author

Learn the Ropes

Learn and grow with best in class customer support and up-to-date self-publishing content.

<span>lend me your </span> f<span>ear</span>

lend me your fear

Habits and mindsets so you can FOCUS

Do you suffer from self-doubt, distraction or fatigue? Congrats! You’re human. We have the mantras and meditations you need to overcome the psychological blockers that plague us all.
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a<span>muse</span> me

amuse me

Tools and inspiration to help you WRITE

Writing a book takes creativity, discipline and endurance. We provide you with writing prompts, plotting outlines, self-editing tips, software tools and more to get it "write".
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<span>mark</span>et <span>my words</span>

market my words

Marketing tools to SELL your book

From web design to promo stacking, the world of book marketing is vast. We break it all down with easy to follow guides and useful tools so you too can be an expert marketer.
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<span>hot off the</span> digital <span>press</span>

hot off the digital press

Step by step guides to PUBLISH your book

Empower yourself by getting familiar with the ins and outs of publishing your book. Whether you aspire to self-publish, or get picked up by a large publishing house, we have the info you need.
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sup<span>port in the storm </span>

support in the storm

Community resources to help you LEARN

You’re not alone. Find your fellow publishing people by perusing our directories of podcasts, courses and conferences.
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<span>Get your retail </span>amaz<span>on</span>

Get your retail amazon

The "deets" on how to DISTRIBUTE your book

All retail platforms are not created equal. Amazon accounts for the lion’s share of the book market so you need to understand how to get your book published and visible on the ‘zon. We can guide you through it.
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