We believe books are a force for good in this world.

What We Do

We empower authors and publishers to reach their audience through our book promotion sites. We have five reader facing brands that allow authors and publishers to reach the right readers. Each of these brands caters to a different reader profile and demographic. The audience for each site is built using our specialized and proprietary data-driven marketing techniques.

Who We Serve

At Written Word Media we connect authors and readers. We have worked with over 20,000 paying authors, most of whom are self-published. We also serve major publishers as well as small presses and publicists. Readers trust us to help them find their next great book or favorite author. We provide over one million readers with personalized book recommendations based on their genre and device preferences via daily or weekly emails.

Who We Are

Our History

Written Word Media began as a single site. Freebooksy was born in February 2011 as a way for indie authors to capitalize on Amazon’s free KDP Select Days.


Less than a year later, Bargain Booksy joined the family – a site dedicated to helping indies and publishers move discounted titles.


In response to reader demand, the Written Word family expanded to include Red Feather Romance on Valentine’s Day 2015, a genre-specific site focused exclusively on Romance titles.


NewInBooks followed in May 2015 to serve those readers whose bookshelves (and Kindles) are filled with the newest titles and acclaimed bestsellers.


Our most recent brand, Audio Thicket, serves audiobook listeners across major audiobook retailers.


Our philosophy and mission have remained unchanged from the day we launched our first site – to provide authors and publishers an affordable, effective marketing product with which to reach readers, and to help readers of varying preferences and budgets find their next great read.