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Facebook Author Page

How To Create A Facebook Author Page

Facebook Author Page

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. This means that it is one of the best places to find and engage with readers. If you haven’t set up a Facebook Author Page yet, here are some step by step instructions for how to get started.

How to Create an Author Page

To create a Facebook author page you will need to start with a personal Facebook account.

  1. Click the menu with dots button at the top right of your Facebook account.
  2. Select “Page” from underneath “create”
    Create facebook page instructions screenshot
  3. You will then be prompted to enter the name of your page, the page category, and a description. We recommend naming the page your name or pen name, and using the category “author.”
    Enter facebook author page info
  4. Click “Create Page.”
  5. Upload a profile photo for your page. We recommend using a headshot so readers can see you and know you are a real person.
  6. Next, upload a cover photo. For this, many authors will include images of their books or a scene that relates to their genre.
  7. Hit “Save.” And your page is created. Make sure to fill out your “about” section and add links to your author website and books so readers can easily follow you.

Check out our recommendations for optimizing your page here.

Some examples of great Facebook author profiles are:

Audrey Carlan:

Note how her header photo promotes her new series, and her bio talks about the type of books she writes.


Harlan Coben:

Harlan’s header photo is a perfect example of how to use your header photo as an advertising opportunity.

You can use tools like Canva to create images that are the right sizes for Facebook, to optimize your readers’ ability to read and share them across both mobile and desktop.

Now it’s time to get social and start connecting!

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76 comments on “How To Create A Facebook Author Page
      1. I’m really struggling with this. If I’m changing the template on my existing Facebook page, would I still click on Create as the first step? I would ultimately like to change my existing page to an Author Page with the Shopping template. I hope you can help.

          1. Thanks for your reply, but that post does not answer my question, that I can see. I want to change a personal page to an author page, then add the shopping template. Is there no way to do this without creating a new page as the author page? Won’t all of the links to my existing page (which I use for my writing news and writer friends) be different from the author page I create?

  1. Don’t understand how to create my facebook address (example: ScottViehbeck )When attempting to create author page.
    Can I get some insight on where this is to be done when creating the page.
    Thank you. Scott Viehbeck

      1. Hello. I just sent an email. My name is Scott Viehbeck. I asked question about setting up author page.
        I now realized that the website category was to create my Facebook author page. I thought it was for setting up another website.
        Thank you for you help before.
        Oh technology! What an experience

  2. My query is similar to Chloe who wrote on March 8. Currently I have two FB pages, one for each of my published books. Is there any way to amalgamate, or do I need to create a new author page from scratch. If I do, how do I keep all my followers – over 450 on one, near 200 on the latest title?

    1. Hey Angela, unfortunately there isn’t a way to combine the pages. You could try to convert one to an author page and invite the followers of the other to follow it. Or, you could create an author page from scratch, and link to it from your book pages. You could put out posts letting readers know they should follow your author page for all the latest news/ releases. This should encourage them to follow the author page as well as your book pages.

  3. Hello

    Struggling to determine how to include multiple books on one Facebook Author Page . In other words, I have several books I want to promote and wonder if I need
    one author page for each book or one author page for all the books.

    1. Hi Jim! We recommend using one author page for all books as this makes it easier for readers to locate your complete works. You can include all of your books in one page by listing links to their Amazon pages or by utilizing all book images in your header photo.

  4. Hello, is it possible to create an author page and keep it unpublished/ private until I’m ready for it to go out into the world? And how do I do that? Thanks

    1. Hey Eleni,

      It is! Go through the steps to create page (you can skip uploading profile picture and cover image for now), and once the page is created, select “settings” in the top right.

      Then, under the general tab, click “edit” to the right of “page visibility” and choose to “unpublish” the page. Then, once your page is complete and you’re ready to share, you can publish it.

      Author Page Settings

  5. Hi,
    I haven’t published any book but have published some stories on a publishing website where many users can read, comment like your stories. So is it a good idea to create FB page while you haven’t published any book yet?

    1. Hey Shrikant! I would say go ahead and make a Facebook Author Page! If readers are reading your short stories and like them, they might want a way to connect with you. And, if they like your Facebook page, you can alert them when you have a new story or book!

    2. I’d agree it’s a good idea. If readers like your work, they’ll be thrilled when you finally write a book, or more stories. You’ll have a nice reader/fan base going for you. A very desirable asset!

  6. If I am to use a pen name, do I have to set up another profile under than pen name before creating the page? If I use a pen name I would rather have no way of readers linking back to my real name.

    1. Hey Tara, I believe you can create an author page with your current account and select in settings to hide the page author. If your current profile shows up as linked and you can’t hide it, simply delete your author page and restart with a new profile.

  7. If I write a continuing series of articles, can I post them on my author page weekly and have them there available for my readers to read?

  8. Hi there WWM:

    Thanks for your helpful article!

    I’m relatively new to Facebook culture, but I’ve managed to get my FB Author page up (I think).
    I now have two wee questions:

    (1) I notice when I comment on posts in the greater Facebook world, FB assumes it’s regular-me instead of author-me who is posting. So I’m wondering if there’s a way to choose author-me as my representative when I post in certain cases?

    (2) A friend of mine posted my page to her followers and she noticed that the post didn’t automatically include a one-click option to “Like” my public page (as she’d seen in other cases). And so I’m wondering if I have an error in my settings, or is the alleged one-click option just for established authors.

    Thanks again,
    Seth McDonough

    1. Hey Seth,

      Good questions.

      1) this is something that Facebook has changed over the years, here is what their help documentation currently says:

      Like and Comment as Your Page
      How do I like or comment as my Page on another Page’s post?
      You’ll need to be an admin, editor or moderator to like or comment as your Page on another Page’s post.
      To like or comment on another Page’s post as your Page:
      1. Go to the Page post you want to like or comment on.
      2. Click your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the post.
      3. Select the Page you want to like or comment as.
      4. Like or comment on the post.

      Note: Keep in mind that a person’s profile isn’t the same thing as a Page, which can represent brands, businesses or causes. While you can publish, like or comment as your Page on another Page, you can’t do the same thing on a person’s profile.

      2) Things like this constantly change on Facebook and I wasn’t able to find reliable information on how it works. I suspect that you need to boost (pay Facebook to promote) a post about your page in order to get the “like” button.

  9. You are incredibly helpful! I have a problem I’m hoping you can help with. I originally created an “author” page (in 2016), but accidentally set it up as a regular business page instead of an author page. This means I have all sorts of inapplicable things like business hours and store address that I don’t need, and none of the cool author page things, like the bio, the ask questions, etc. Is there a way to change this page into a true author page, or do I have to create one from scratch (and lose all my followers)? If I do have to create a new page, can I delete the “business” page so people won’t be confused?

    1. Hey Heather, you should be able to change the page type by going to your page settings, selecting “Templates and Tabs” and clicking “edit” next to where it lists your current template.

      1. Thanks! It didn’t have an “author” template listed but I was able to change from “shop” to “standard,” and that was helpful. I’ll just make do with it, rather than delete my page and set up a new one. Much appreciated!

  10. I would like to connect with new readers on Facebook, but I am enrolled in Amazon KDP Select. If I set up a Facebook authors page will that violate the enrollment agreement with Amazon’s KDP Select?

    1. Hey Jennifer, it will not as you won’t actually be selling books with Facebook. You will just be using Facebook to promote readers buying your books on Amazon.

  11. I’m stumped on the “privacy policy” for the FB author page. Does an author page need one? If so, what’s the easiest way to go about it?

    1. Hey Anita, your author page does not need a privacy policy, so unless you have a specific reason for creating one, there is no requirement.

  12. Hi: I am not published, and I have written 4 YA novels awaiting either representation or self-publication…so I don’t have book covers, etc. I will create an author page, but what the heck does an unpublished author write about? “Name of Book”….coming soon” Or excerpts from a book I hope to publish?….Sorry, newbie here when it comes to self promotion. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Hey Kara, I think those are both great ideas! You can also create your page now, create a bio on it, and then start posting more frequently after your books are ready for purchase.

  13. I am just wanting to start a poetry page from scratch. I don’t have anything published, and have no idea if I will. This would be a better outlet than regular FB page, and I don’t want it connected to that page. I kinda want to see if I get followers to begin with. Is that a bad idea? Do I have to do anything with what I write before posting them? I see many pages that seem to do the same, and they have developed into something more. Thanks.

  14. Hi, I just created an author FB page. I don’t like having the enlargement of my avatar photo or the “Janet Savin just changed her cover photo,” together with the photo itself, on the main page. Can I take them both off without losing the avatar & cover themselves? Thank you.

        1. Hey Elizabeth, when I click on the three dots in the top right of a post, I see a menu with the option to “hide from profile.”

          Are you able to see that menu? If you want to send me a link to your facebook author page, I’m happy to take a look from a reader’s perspective and see whats showing up!


  15. Clayton
    I cannot figure out how to show the link to my Author page on my main Facebook page so readers see it when they go to my main page. Thanks for your help.

  16. FB changed their design this last month and I cannot follow these instructions (the ‘create’ button just isn’t anywhere I can find it).

  17. These are all great questions/answers. THANK YOU WrittenWordMedia for you help on all matters te: FB Author Page.
    Now it ‘crystal clear’ to me about setting up a FB Author Page

  18. Hello,

    I haven’t publish anything yet, but I thought it was a good idea to create a new FB account under my pen name. Now I am wondering do I still need to create an author page on this account?

    Thank you

    1. Hey Jo, Yes I would recommend creating a facebook author page. Pages are easier for readers to follow and interact with than an actual profile.

  19. Though your article is current (2021) the template you show in your photos of Audrey Carlan and Harlan Coben’s sites is not what I am able to create. My author photo shows up below the cover photo. I love how theirs has a left column with their profile photos at the top and the Home, About, Photos, etc. below. It is still possible to duplicate those templates? Thank you so much.

    1. Hey Elizabeth, great question. Facebook is constantly updating and changing page templates, so this is tricky to stay on top of. I’ve updated the post with current screenshots of author pages and it looks like they have also had to move to the new format. I’ve looked through the available templates and I don’t think there is a way to get the left aligned menu. Every template I tried had the list of tabs across the top underneath the header image, so unfortunately I think that is the only option.

      One nice thing about the new template is the button on the top right is in a great position, and you can customize it to prompt readers to follow your page or visit your website and sign up for a mailing list. It’s a great opportunity.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help with the template!

      – Clayton

  20. Hi, Clayton! I JUST found your article and it’s EXTREMELY helpful. While attempting to set up my author page on FB, it’s recognizing my name because it’s linked to a very old FB account I opened long ago. What’s the easiest way that I can rectify this? Thx so much!

    1. Thanks Jacqueline! I would suggest logging in using your old Facebook account and creating your Author Page while logged in to that account.

  21. Your website has provided me a lot of valuable guidance, and for that I thank you very much.
    This article is the best I’ve read so far on your web
    site, and so I thought I had to make the effort to post a comment.
    You have given myself a few tips to help me down the road.

  22. I would love to move my profile photo from the center of the cover image, down and to the left, as my profile photo obscures an important part of the cover image. Is this possible or is the position fixed?

    1. Hey Liz,
      Unfortunately the position seems to be fixed at this time. I would recommend changing the cover image if possible. Facebook does often change the page format, so it is possible in the future that the profile photo will move.

  23. Awesome thread. Basic question. How does one find the new author adjacent facebook page after creating it. I did this for a client with the basic info and we couldn’t find our way back to it to add images and text.

    1. Hey Marya! You should be able to see the pages you have created or have access to on the right side of your newsfeed. If you only see a single page listed, you may need to click the three dots next to it to see the others.

  24. Hi guys what does payment method used for when creating an author page …is it me paying that money or am being paid for posting

  25. Hi, I am a co-author of a book and would like to add a FB author page. Will my co-author have admin access if the author page is attached to my personal FB account?
    If not, should we form a new FB account and an author page from there? Thanks

    1. Hey Karen,

      Yes, if you create the page from your personal FB account, you can add your co-author as an admin under settings –> page roles.

    1. Hello Edwin, looks like facebook changed the initial step, I’ve updated the instructions in the post now. Sorry for the confusion!

  26. Hello! First of all, thanks for all the great info!
    I’m setting up an author page, and I elected the Public Profile template. However, for some reason I’m not able to make my important ‘About’ info (email address, social media profiles) visible – one can only see it if they go to ‘About’.
    Any ideas on how to solve this?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Daniel, Sorry for the trouble there. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to recreate this issue. Maybe try the “business” template and see if that changes anything? It also may be that you are viewing the page not as a facebook user. On the right side beneath the cover image, you should see a small thumbnail of the page profile picture that you can click to change how you are interacting with the page. Try changing to your personal profile to see how a reader would see your page.

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