Written Word Media is providing indie authors and small presses with access to the YONDER platform.

We are working with authors to create original works for the platform, and to reimagine backlists in a unique serialized mobile format. This is an opportunity for authors and small presses to monetize a new format.

What is Yonder?

YONDER is a new serialized fiction app from the WEBTOON family of brands, combining mobile reading, an engaging serialized experience, and thousands of curated stories in every genre. With a catalog of premium fiction and a pay-what-you-read model, readers can explore, discover, and fall in love with stories in an entirely new way. YONDER is the next chapter in storytelling.

How Do Authors Get Content Onto Yonder?

Yonder has partnered with Written Word Media to get indie content into the platform. Written Word Media works with authors to identify original or backlist works that are a good fit for the platform. Written Word champions the author’s work, and packages and markets the work on the Yonder platform. Currently, Yonder is not working directly with indie authors.

How Big Is This Opportunity?

The Yonder app is brand new so we don’t have data yet on readership or royalties. The Yonder team has had success with serial apps in other markets, and is investing heavily in this new app. We believe that this is a low-risk opportunity for authors to get in early, but we also understand it won’t be right for every author. 

Is This a Good Fit For Me?

There are 2 ways to work with Written Word Media and Yonder:

1) Exclusive Original Content – This is a fit for authors who are interested in writing an original story in serial installments that will be exclusive to Yonder. Written Word Media will be paying advances for Exclusive Original Works.

2) Backlist Content – This is a fit for authors who have titles that are published non-exclusively in ebook format. Written Word will serialize the work for you and publish it to the platform. The work will be exclusive to Yonder in serial format only. This means you cannot publish the work on other serial fiction platforms (Readict, Vella), but you can continue to publish and sell the work in ebook, audiobook and physical formats on other non-serial platforms (Amazon, Apple, Google Play etc).

Authors may choose to submit both exclusive original content and backlist content to the platform. Please note that sourcing original content is our current priority.

Which Genres Are You Accepting?

We are currently sourcing content in these genres: Romance, Mystery, Thriller, SciFi, Fantasy, LitRPG

Submissions are currently closed.

If you’d like to complete this interest form in the meantime, we’ll be in touch if your content is a good fit for our future needs.