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written word media - book promotion illustration

Your Guide to the Written Word Media Member Portal

written word media - book promotion illustration

Written Word Media members have access to a member portal, which is their entryway to book promotions and member benefits.

In this post, we’ll walk through different sections of the member portal, how members can use them, and what you can expect when you become a Free, Gold, or Platinum member.

Some portions of the member portal are only available to Gold and Platinum members. Other sections are available to all membership levels, including Free. Visit this page for membership details & pricing, or keep reading for information on the member portal.



The first screen you will see in your member portal is the home screen.

Written Word Media Member Portal 1


This screen will look different based on your membership level and if you’ve run a promotion with us in the past. The above example is what you’ll see if you’re new to Written Word Media and have not run a book promotion with us. If you have run promotions in the past, some of the recent books promoted will be displayed on the left of the screen.

On the right of the screen, a promotions tracker lists upcoming and past promotions, so members can easily track their marketing efforts. This also tracks how many books you have uploaded to your account.


Written Word Media Member Portal 10

Below this, you will see a variety of ways you can Promote Your Book, Grow Your Email List, or Launch a New Book. There is also a carousel that shows different promo options, invites, or informational blog posts.

All members are also invited to our private author Facebook group and can access it or request to join via their home screen.

Premium Members will also see an additional button at the top of their screen next to their name that displays the amount remaining for their discount cap. Find out more about our Gold or Platinum membership benefits here.

In summary, the home screen serves as a dashboard for all members to easily see their scheduled and past promotions and is a great place for premium members to track their credit usage.



For a more detailed look at your Written Word Media promotions, visit the promotions screen.


Written Word Media Member Portal 2

A comprehensive list of your promos, this list gives you the opportunity to request changes to upcoming promotions, re-run past promos to save time during checkout, and view your promo history so you know exactly which book you promoted and when.

This screen does not vary by membership level.



The Books tab is where you can add your books to your account. There are two primary benefits of doing this are:

1) You can easily track how many times you’ve promoted a given title.
2) Adding your books saves time during checkout, as your title’s information will autofill when you select “promote book” on the right side.

Written Word Media Member Portal 3

Adding a book is easy, simply select “Add Book” in the top right, enter your title’s Amazon URL, and our system will pull in your book’s information.

This screen does not vary by membership level.



This screen is available for Gold and Platinum members only. It lists exclusive discounts and offers from industry partners.

Written Word Media Member Portal 4

Premium members can browse offers and use them to save money on various services for authors and publishers.



Another area only available for Premium members is the Exclusives screen where members can access and view the exclusive features of their membership level.

Written Word Media Member Portal 5

One exclusive product available to Gold and Platinum members is  Limelight – a premium promotion that highlights a single book in an email to thousands of readers.



The resources tab is an additional Premium Member screen where members can access and watch video recordings from our Speaker Series sessions.

Written Word Media Member Portal 6


My Account

All Written Word Media members can access their account details by clicking the menu in the top right next to their username.

Written Word Media Member Portal 7


Members can select “My Account” to update their name and add business details to have them included on receipt documents.

Written Word Media Member Portal 8

Members can also pick between different avatars to customize their profile.



Also available in the top menu is “Billing” where members can access the details of their membership level and view receipts for any promos they have purchased.

Written Word Media Member Portal 9

Other menu options include: a link to the Written Word Media support center, password reset button, and logout.


The Written Word Media member portal is designed to make being an author easier. Whether it’s planning and scheduling book marketing, finding an author community, or saving money on promotions and industry services, your member portal has the tools you need to level up your author business.

Visit our membership page for more information on becoming a Free, Gold or Platinum member and take your author business to the next level.

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