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Anatomy of a Kindle Owner [Infographic]

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We’re constantly curious about a Kindle owner’s consumer behavior: what they’re reading, how they discover books, whom they trust for book recommendations, where they’re talking about the books they’re reading.

We have a resource of hundreds of thousands of Kindle owners in the form of our readers at Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, NewInBooks, and Red Feather Romance. We surveyed our readers to get a sense of what they’re reading, how they’re discovering books and what they’re purchasing on their Kindle.



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Key Takeaways

  • Kindle owners purchase an average of 8.92 books per month
  • We know that the series model works for authors – but readers love it, too. The vocal minority of readers who dislike cliffhangers can raise red flags, but the data says we shouldn’t worry. 70% of readers enjoy books in a series and standalone novels equally and 78% of readers have read more than seven books in a single series.
  • Want to know where readers are talking about the books they love? Facebook is still the leader, by a long shot.

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