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Press Release: Written Word Media Launches New Product for Authors: Reader Reach

Written Word Media today announced the launch of Reader Reach Ads, a new marketing service for authors and publishers. Reader Reach Ads is a data-driven full-service ads solution and offers a new way for authors to access thousands of readers on Facebook.

“The launch of Reader Reach marks an important step for us,” said Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media. “The product builds on the core competencies that authors have come to know and love at Written Word Media –  great customer service, seamless and speedy scheduling, and proven results.” 

Reader Reach is the second product in a growing suite of products and services aimed at helping authors and publishers market their titles. 

“Our first product, Email Promos for Authors, has been very successful in helping authors market their books,” said Evan Chaisson, VP of Product at Written Word Media. “Over the past few years we’ve heard from authors that they need help marketing their books on 3rd party platforms, like Facebook and Amazon. Reader Reach is the answer to those calls, starting with an accessible solution where we manage ads for authors on Facebook, and plans to expand to other networks in the near future.”

Features and benefits of Reader Reach include:

  • Time saving: Reader Reach allows authors to schedule a three to five day Facebook ad campaign in five minutes. The Reader Reach team handles all ad creation, targeting and optimization.
  • Access to proprietary audiences: Written Word Media is able to leverage their audience of over 1 million readers to create effective audiences for facebook marketing. Reader Reach ads are served to vetted reader audiences on Facebook.
  • Cost saving: For authors and publishers, setting up, testing and optimizing digital ad campaigns is expensive. Reader Reach uses ad creative, targeting and bidding that is already optimized, so ad spend goes straight to effective ads, not testing.

Reader Reach will be available starting September 15th, 2021, at $150 per 3-5 day ad campaign. For more information on Reader Reach Ads, visit


About Written Word Media: Written Word Media connects authors and readers. The Written Word Media audience surpasses one million readers across its portfolio of media properties. Each property caters to a specific reader audience, allowing authors and publishers to find the readers most likely to buy their book. Written Word Media has worked with over 20,000 authors and publishers to efficiently and effectively drive book sales and build readership.


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6 comments on “Press Release: Written Word Media Launches New Product for Authors: Reader Reach
  1. This sounds great! When will you include non-fiction for these ads? Finding non-fiction niches is much easier on Facebook so this would be great for those of us who write in non-fiction as well as fiction. Thanks for all you do 🙂 Joanna

    1. Thanks Joanna! Non-fiction is one of the next categories that we’ll be working on. We’ll need to go through our testing process before it’s available to purchase, but this is high priority for us!

  2. I am a non-fiction author ( Pottery Cottage) and would like advice how to market my book which has attracted 700 reviews without any marketing in two years.

  3. I have a new series coming out in January. Can I pick a date that far ahead? Also I have a series out book 10 is out November 30th. Can I use book launch for that one? I’m so excited about this.

    1. Hey Susie, Yes! Inventory is open as far as the end of January 2022 right now. Congratulations in the release! It sounds like a book launch would be a good fit, so you can either book your launch and our team will review and make sure it’s a good fit, or you can contact us and send our team a link to the series and ask for our recommendation on how to boost your launch!

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