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Written Word Media Web Rdesign

Go Ahead. Judge Us By Our Cover.

Written Word Media Web Rdesign

Today, we are excited to unveil a dramatic redesign of the Written Word Media website and brand. We know all too well that readers often do judge a book by its cover. The Written Word Media website and brand are the equivalent of our book cover, and we thought it was time for a makeover.

As the sign in our office reads, our number one goal and core value is and always has been to Support the Author. Our new look better reflects that core value and the people we serve – authors and readers! The design is inspired by those very first storybooks that made us fall in love with the written word. So much of writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, requires a magical mix of creativity, structure, and language. We are excited to reflect these elements in our brand. 

The Written Word staff you’ve come to know and love are themselves, writers and book lovers. We love words and word-play, and you’ll see more catchy copywriting and playful puns across the site.

To better support authors, we are broadening the topics we cover on our blog. Historically, our content has been heavily focused on marketing related topics. Marketing is the superpower that enabled the Written Word Media platform, and we’ve been hard at work sharing that power with all of you. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished in building an engaged reader audience and will continue to share our marketing expertise with you. Over the past five years, we’ve also become knowledge ninjas in all phases and stages of the writing journey. From plotting to publishing and meditation to marketing, we will be supporting authors at every stage in your writing journey with our content.

Lastly, we want to say thank you to our community of authors and readers. We recently reached the milestone of one million readers across our five brands! We cannot thank you enough for your support and feedback along the way. Without you, the Written Word story could not have been written. 

With gratitude, 

— Ricci

Founder and CEO, Written Word Media

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