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Twitter Hashtags for Authors

Twitter Hashtags to Help you Sell More Books

Twitter Hashtags for Authors

Hashtags allow new readers to find you on Twitter. A great way to promote your book is to include hashtags that already have a following on Twitter, in your tweets.

How exactly does that work? 

You simply append the hashtag to the end of your tweet when it’s relevant.

Here is a list of hashtags that are already popular among the reading community on Twitter, with examples on how you can use each one.



Readers tweet what they’ll be reading in the upcoming weekend.

How you can use it: 

Looking for a good book to read this weekend? Try [insert title]. #FridayReads






All 3 are good for days when you are running a free promotion.

How you can use it: 

My book, [insert title] is free today and tomorrow. Grab a copy while you can. #freebook #Kindlefreebies #Freedownload #Freebies




A great hashtag if you are running a giveaway.

How you can use it: 

I am giving away 10 copies of my highly accliamed novel. Enter to win. #bookgiveaway




These 2 are especially useful as we head into Summer.

How you can use it: 

Looking for a great #beachread? [Insert title] is the perfect escape for your weekend of sun. 


Are you already using hashtags as part of your marketing strategy? Tell us which have worked for you in the comments.

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3 comments on “Twitter Hashtags to Help you Sell More Books
  1. Thank you! I never use hashtags correctly, or at least not to their full potential. I get a wee bit lazy. I'm going to make a list of these to keep nearby when I tweet.

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