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11 Tik Tok influencers to follow cover art

11 TikToks Indie Authors Should Follow

11 Tik Tok influencers to follow cover art

BookTok, or the corner of TikTok occupied by reading enthusiasts, is an ever-growing and ever-refreshing world in which readers and writers connect over a shared love of genre, character, plot, book covers, TBR-list building, and even book marketing and the writing (and reading) experience.

Users swap book recommendations, share their tips for writing and publishing, preview works in progress, and promote each other’s work. 

TikTok has an outsized impact on the book industry, so if you want to know what trends are bubbling up in the publishing world, TikTok is the place to begin.

But it’s not strictly readers and writers. BookTok is full of people skilled in book marketing, sales, freelancing, personal branding, web design, and email list building. If you’re a writer and you’re not on TikTok, consider jumping in to learn ways you can grow as an author. 

Here are eleven TikToks indie authors should follow to improve their game.

11 TikToks indie authors should follow

1. @booksnmoods

The @booksnmoods feed is all about book design for indie authors. You can’t get more helpful than this.

Enjoy mini Indesign tutorials, like how to import a manuscript, add page numbers, or determine spine width. There are also tips for designing book marketing materials, like teasers.

@booksnmoods #selfpublishedauthor #indieauthor #indieauthorsoftiktok #authortoker #bookdesign #bookcover #coverdesign #bookcoverdesign ♬ goosebumps – Travis Scott

2. @brynsmith_author

Independent authors interested in honing their craft should follow @brynsmith_author.

Australian sci-fi noir author Bryn Smith uses his TikTok feed to give uber-practical story-writing tips, like empathizing vs. sympathizing with a character, villain motivations, and how to establish lore in a story.

@brynsmith_author Reply to @thewizard_king15 tips for character introductions #characterintro #characterintroduction #fiction #got #villain #brisbaneauthor #writertok #tywin #villain #foryoupage ♬ Documentary Drama Soundtrack (Storytelling Scene, Ebook) – MMStudioRecords

3. @damurrayofficial

Follow dystopian fiction author D.A. Murray @damurrayofficial as she wanders around bookstores—and really anywhere—asking readers to name their favorite book. There are endless new (and old!) titles to be discovered on BookTok, and this is absolutely one of the best ways to grow your TBR through a truly random smattering of recommendations.

@damurrayofficial Asking strangers about their favorite book!#authorsoftiktok #authortok #writertok #writersoftiktok #whatsyourfavoritebook #beforewewerestrangers #romancenovels ♬ The Loser – Verzache

4. @mixtusmedia

Jenn at @mixtusmedia specializes in coaching authors in book marketing, like how to get your author newsletter going and how to succeed on social media. Here’s a morsel of advice from Jenn: When building a readership, “focus on building community rather than numbers.” 

We also love this very practical breakdown of actions you can take to market your book when you’re short on time.

@mixtusmedia Follow for more book marketing tips! #authortok #authortokfyp #writertok #writertokfyp #authorsoftiktok #writersoftiktok #bookmarketing #bookmarketingtips #publishingmybook #writingabook #authormarketing #authorslife #selfpublishedauthor #sellmorebooks ♬ original sound – Jenn 📚Book Marketing Coach

5. @cedabranding

The brains behind @cedabranding is a brand and web designer named Anna. 

On the channel, Anna shares practical yet surprising branding tips, like how to choose a color palette (and why), why logos don’t matter as much as you might think, and tips on connecting with your audience.

@cedabranding For a list of all my recommended tools get my website checklist #branddesigner #webdesigner #businesstools #automateyourbusiness ♬ That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

6. @andrelle_quammie_editor

Copyediting is a necessary part of writing anything, and self-published authors should pay special attention to producing clean copy, especially if you’re not working with a freelance copy editor. 

For tips on producing better copy, follow @andrelle_quammie_editor. Her videos are fresh, focused, and nuanced. Check out Andrelle’s advice on cutting the word “that” from dialogue or peek a sample of what a line edit looks like after a copy editor has had a pass.

@andrelle_quammie_editor #books #booktok #bookedit #bookediting #linedit #copyeditors #writer #writing #author #authorsoftiktok #english #fyp ♬ Better Days – NEIKED & Mae Muller

7. @themoniquemensah

Monique Mensah calls herself The Savvy Self-Publisher. On her channel, @themoniquemensah, she debunks a lot of misconceptions about self-publishing and demystifies the process. 

Check out her deep tips on where to look for a cover designer (and where not to look) and what it (really) means to be a best seller on Amazon KDP.

@themoniquemensah Sell direct so you can collect those email addresses! 💅🏽📚 #authortok #booktok #selfpublishing #bookmarketing #authorlife #authorsoftiktok #authorcoach ♬ original sound – Self-Publishing Coach

8. @sabaatahirauthor

When you just need to commiserate with another author on the experience of writing, follow @sabaatahirauthor. Sabaa Tahir is a NYT–best selling YA author. You might know her for the Ember in the Ashes series or for her new book, All My Rage. 

All of those feelings that writers feel—illumination, pride, procrastination, self-doubt, and even the wild satisfaction of destroying one of your own characters—Sabaa has found a way to capture it in about five hilarious seconds.

@sabaatahirauthor Now time for a (nother) snack #writertok #authorsoftiktok #allmyrage #anemberintheashes ♬ original sound – Caelan Ralston

9. @aymansbooks

Ayman of @aymansbooks is one of the funniest BookTokers there is. She perfectly captures the joyful, completely immersive, and sometimes wickedly mischievous experience of reading. 

@aymansbooks kicks feet in air* #bookishthoughts ib @omaraf16 ♬ original sound – hemswthor ϟ

10. @writers.poets

Shelby of @writers.poets is an independent author who passes out book marketing tips based on her own experience selling her books via TikTok—40,000 of them, as a matter of fact.

Here’s a nugget from Shelby. The three biggest mistakes authors make when marketing their books:

  • Being on too many platforms
  • Continuing to do things that aren’t working just because other authors are doing them
  • Not repeating what has worked for them in the past
@writers.poets3 mistakes authors make when marketing their book 👉♬ оригинальный звук – sdhqo,но лайф

11. @angelahenryauthor

Self-published mystery, thriller, and urban fantasy author Angela Henry is on TikTok as @angelahenryauthor.

Angela puts out content for readers and writers, like Black female fantasy authors you should read, bits of writerly encouragement, and a day in the life of Angela Henry (dog included).

@angelahenryauthor The Brown Bookshelf, Sistah SciFi, Romance in Color. #blackbookstore #blackbooktok #blackbooks #blackauthors #blackbooksmatter #blackreaders #repost #blackbooktoker @angelahenryauthor ♬ original sound – Angela Henry / Author

TikTok hashtags indie authors should follow

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