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Best Self Publishing Guides

The Five Best Guides on How to Self Publish a Book

Best Self Publishing Guides

As authors, we are constantly searching for ways to hone our craft. As self published authors, we are also constantly searching for ways to add to our business knowledge, so we can do a better job getting our books into the hands of readers. Below are the top five books on how to self publish a book, to help every author take their writing, and their writing business, to the next level.

1. Successful Self-Publishing: How to Self-Publish and Market your book in eBook and Print

by: Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn has 10 years of self publishing experience, and she shares her best tips in this quick and easy read. If you’re afraid of putting hours of labor into a novel, only to watch it sink to the bottom of the Amazon lists, Penn is here to help. She covers important topics like; What you need to know before you self-publish, how to format an eBook, how to self-publish in print, book marketing principles, and so much more. She also has a new book out, The Successful Author Mindset, which focuses on how to tackle the emotional side of the writing journey.


2. Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should

by: David Gaughran 

David Gaughran’s self-publishing guide answers every question you have about this new path to publishing. He begins with an overview of the digital revolution that made self-publishing popular and continues on to include practical advice on editing, cover design, formatting, and pricing. Let’s Get Digital ends with a series of success stories, so you can see his advice in action and learn how other authors have found success and are now living their dream.


3. Six figure Author: Using Data to Sell Books: Write Faster, Write Smarter

by: Chris Fox

Data makes everything better, that’s a truth we live by here at Written Word Media, and Chris Fox would definitely agree. In his book, Six Figure Author, he enlightens authors about how they can use data to not only sell more but sell smarter by finding their target audience and letting Amazon’s algorithms do the selling for them.


4. 47 Mind Hacks for Writers: Master the Writing Habit in 10 Minutes or Less and End Writer’s Block and Procrastination for Good

by: Karen & Steve Dimmick

If you are hitting mental blocks while trying to make the transition to writing consistently, then the Dimmicks are here to help. Their steps will help you gain a level of awareness concerning why you’re having trouble sitting down to write, and give you actionable advice to help you move past those blocks. With 10 years of experience helping authors, they have had plenty of time to find what works, and are an invaluable resource if you’re looking to take the step to writing full time.


5. How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis: A Step-by-Step System for Enticing New Readers, Selling More Fiction, and Making Your Books Sound Good

by: Bryan Cohen

Copywriter and USA Today best selling author Bryan Cohen shares his guidelines for how to write descriptions that sell. With easy to follow tips and examples spanning a range of genres, his guide is useful for every author. The book descriptions you’ll craft with his help are sure to hook readers and sell more books.


Now it’s time to get reading! Be sure to take notes, and don’t forget to tell us about the most helpful piece of advice you discover on twitter @writtenwordm.

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2 comments on “The Five Best Guides on How to Self Publish a Book
  1. Thanks for this great list – with no real surprises since they are all great books. The only surprise is leaving out Richard McCartney’s book on Self-Publishing. If you search for “self-publishing” on Amazon, McCartney and Penn are the two authors that stand at the top if the list, and both are great supporters of the indie publishing market. Derek Murphy is also another I like and perhaps should join this list.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such a useful list of books! Now I work as a freelance writer, and for a long time I dream of publishing my first book. I understand that it would be great to monetize it somehow. I am sure that thanks to your books I will succeed 🙂

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