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Subscriber Surge Giveaways What to Expect

Subscriber Surge Giveaways: What to Expect

Subscriber Surge Giveaways What to Expect

At Written Word Media, we love email marketing and understand how effective it can be at selling books for authors. While we offer a variety of email promos for authors across our portfolio of brands, we also wanted to help authors build their own email list. That’s why we launched Subscriber Surge Giveaways.


What are Subscriber Surge Giveaways?

Subscriber Surge Giveaways are designed specifically to help authors quickly grow their newsletter subscriber base with engaged readers via the power of eBook giveaways.

Running a giveaway can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. With Subscriber Surge Giveaways, we take care of everything for you. The Subscriber Surge Giveaways team does all the heavy lifting, from prize logistics (we buy your book and gift it to the winner) to advertising and subscriber email list delivery.

As always, Subscriber Surge Giveaways deliver on the things authors have come to know and love about Written Word Media: great customer service, seamless and speedy scheduling, proven results.


How do Subscriber Surge Giveaways work?

Subscriber Surge Giveaways are designed to make the giveaway process as simple as possible for authors. Here’s a little more info on what we need from authors and the giveaway process.

Schedule your Giveaway in 5 minutes

Just like our email promos, placement in a Subscriber Surge Giveaway is easy to book. Simply go through our checkout process, enter your book information, and our team handles everything else.

Just pick the genre and start date you’d like your book to featured in and leave all the hard work to us.

The Giveaway Process

Each Subscriber Surge Giveaway lasts for 60 days. In this time, we’ll promote a custom-designed giveaway page via paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram to continuously bring new readers to the page. Once on the page, readers will sign up for your mailing list to enter the giveaway contest for a chance to win your book and other prizes.

What prize does the winner receive?

At the end of the Subscriber Surge Giveaway, we’ll choose one reader at random to win the 20 eBooks featured and a Kindle eReader.


Why are Subscriber Surge Giveaways effective?

At Written Word Media, we pride ourselves on offering authors an effective way to find new readers. To do this we spend a lot of time finding the perfect audiences for your books. 

A consistent stream of high-quality newsletter subscribers

Unlike other giveaways that rely on the same email list to supply you with readers, we continually run ads promoting each giveaway to ensure fresh readers join your list.

Authors get access to your new subscribers much faster

Instead of only sharing your new reader’s email addresses with you at the end of the giveaway, we also share them with you halfway through the giveaway (30 days after the Giveaway begins) so you can get them onto your email list quickly. By engaging with your new subscribers sooner, they are more likely to engage with your emails and become invested in what you have to share!

Proven Results

Subscriber Surge Giveaways are focused on results. Before we open new genres to authors, we run tests until we are confident we have an audience that delivers results. Subscriber Surge Giveaways are only available in genres that have shown proven results. If a genre is missing, that means we’re still working on finding the best audience possible.


What to Expect

While results can vary for every genre and author, we do have some general ranges for results authors can expect from a Subscriber Surge Giveaway.

At the bare minimum, we want you to receive at least one new email subscriber per dollar you spend. Even though $1 per subscriber is cheaper than results most authors see from running social media ads, our aim is to get you multiple subscribers for each dollar you spend on your Subscriber Surge Giveaway. 


How to book a Subscriber Surge Giveaway

Scheduling your placement in a Subscriber Surge Giveaway is quick and easy.

  1. Select the appropriate giveaway for your genre here.
  2. Input your book information
  3. Complete checkout, and our team takes care of the rest

We release new Subscriber Surge Giveaways every two weeks. If you don’t see a Giveaway in your genre right now, check back in 1-2 weeks to see our new genres! You can also request your genre by sending us a message.


Subscriber Surge Giveaways Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I know if my book has been accepted for a Giveaway?

Once you’ve purchased your slot in a Giveaway, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from us with your receipt of payment and a summary of your promotion—including the start & end date of the Giveaway. Our editorial team reviews all books submitted for giveaways within 72 hours.

If for any reason we find it does not meet our criteria, we will contact you and refund your purchase within 5 business days.

If you are unsure of the status of your giveaway, you can email our editorial team to check the status of your book.

How much do Subscriber Surge Giveaways cost?

Inclusion in our Giveaways costs $75. This price covers the ads we run to the giveaway to attract quality readers, the cost of your eBook we’ll purchase to gift to the winner, and the price of the Kindle eReader the winner receives.

What is the refund policy?

If you’re unhappy with the results of your Giveaway, please let us know within 30 days of the giveaway ending. We’ll be happy to discuss a refund, promo credit, or inclusion in another giveaway.

What are Giveaways editorial guidelines?

Your eBook must match the genre of the Giveaway in order to be included. For example, your Fantasy eBook can’t be included in a Paranormal Romance giveaway.

At this time, only eBooks can be featured in Giveaways and paperback & hardcover versions are not eligible for inclusion.

Books must be priced between $0.99-$14.99 to be included in a giveaway and must be at least 50 pages in length.

To help keep giveaways fresh and exciting for readers, your eBook can only be included in a Giveaway once every 60 days.

We do ask for a book blurb during the checkout process but this is for our internal approval process only. Your book blurb will not be published on the Giveaway page. Only book covers are shown to readers so make sure yours is top-notch!

What if I need to make changes to my Giveaway?

If you need to pull your eBook from a giveaway or swap in a different book in the same genre, you can do so by emailing us at least 5 days before the giveaway is scheduled to begin.

Can I include a non-US eBook in my Giveaways?

Only US eBooks can be included in Giveaways. We promote these giveaways to a US audience only, so your book must be available on the US Amazon store.

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  1. The breakdown of expectations, potential outcomes, and the strategies to manage subscriber surges were particularly helpful. It’s clear that you’ve provided well-researched guidance based on practical experience.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise on this topic. Your article has provided me with a valuable roadmap for planning and executing successful giveaways while ensuring a positive experience for both new and existing subscribers.

  2. Can this be done if the book isn’t available for sale and just a reader magnet on a website?

    1. Hey Sarah, the book must be available on Amazon to be entered in a Subscriber Surge Giveaway, but, it doesn’t need to be free. In fact, we actually buy a copy of the book to send to the winning reader. So no action is needed from you.

  3. Is there a way to see one of these giveaways in progress? I don’t care what category it’s in, I just want to see the reader-facing giveaway page. Thanks!

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