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Reader Reach Ads: What to Expect

At Written Word Media, we are known for helping authors sell more books by running effective email promos in a wide variety of genres and price points. Now, we’re excited to announce a new product and new way for authors to sell books: Reader Reach Ads.

What is Reader Reach?

Reader Reach by Written Word Media is a data-driven all-in-one ad solution that allows authors to access thousands of readers on Facebook and Amazon as efficiently as possible.

Setting up and running ads can be time-consuming, costly and stressful. With Reader Reach, we do all the heavy lifting for you. The Reader Reach team handles everything, from ad creative and copy to audience targeting and bidding. Our goal is to help you find the right audience for your book, and let you focus on what matters most: writing your next book!

Reader Reach continues to deliver on the things authors have come to know and love about Written Word Media: great customer service, seamless and speedy scheduling, proven results. 


How do Reader Reach Ads work?

Facebook and Amazon Ads can be some of the most effective advertising tools for authors, but they also have a high barrier to entry. Running effective ad campaigns requires time to learn the Facebook or Amazon ads platform, an upfront cash investment for testing campaigns, design resources to create ads, and focused analysis on results. 

Reader Reach Ads are designed to make the advertising process as easy as possible for authors.


Schedule your ad campaign in 5 minutes

Just like our email promos, Reader Reach Ads are easy to book. Simply go through our checkout process, enter your book information, and our team handles everything else.

No time wasted on learning how to build ad images, audience research, or writing ad copy. Simply give us your book information, your desired run dates, and we take care of the rest.


The Reader Reach Ads team creates your campaign and ads

After you have scheduled your campaign, you will get an email for your records that will confirm your campaign.

Then, the Reader Reach Ads team gets to work. We’ll create the necessary ad images or copy, set budgets, pick the best audiences, and schedule your ads.


Your Reader Reach Ads run for 5 days

Your Reader Reach Facebook ads start on the day you selected during checkout and run for a period of 5 days. Reader Reach Amazon Ads run for a period of 5-10 days based on optimal ad budget allocation and bidding conditions determined for your book.
During your campaign, the Reader Reach Ads team monitors your ads and optimizes the campaign to get the best results possible.


Why are Reader Reach Ads effective?

At Written Word Media, we pride ourselves on offering authors and publishers an effective way to find new readers. To do this we spend a lot of time finding the perfect audiences for your books. 

Data Driven Targeting

While anyone can run their own Facebook or Amazon Ads, what sets Reader Reach Ads apart is our proprietary data-driven targeting. Our secret sauce lies in the audience data we already have from over 1 million email subscribers, our large social followings, and our data-driven experimentation. When we find the right mix of targeting, creative and bidding, we lock in that “marketing recipe” for the authors we serve. Because we serve multiple authors and publishers we are able to aggregate our learnings quickly and capitalize on our existing audience assets. 


Expert, Personalized Ad Creation

While there are a lot of automated solutions out there that provide Facebook or Amazon Ad services, Reader Reach Ads has real people who are expert marketers creating, running, and analyzing the ads.


Proven Results

Reader Reach Ads is focused on results. Before we open new genres to authors, we run test ads with multiple titles until we are confident we have a “marketing recipe” that delivers results. Reader Reach Ads is only available in genres that have proven results. If a genre is missing, that means we’re still working on finding a recipe that meets our results criteria.

The majority of the cost for Reader Reach Ads is spent directly on Facebook or Amazon. At least 50% of what authors pay goes directly to the ad budget.


What to Expect

One thing that is important to note about our Reader Reach Ads is that it works a little differently to Written Word Media’s existing email promotions. With an email promotion, your book is featured on one specific day in our daily emails to tens of thousands of readers. This usually results in a large sales or downloads spike on that particular day. In contrast, Reader Reach Ads provide slower, more consistent sales across multiple days. 

More Than Just One Day

Reader Reach Facebook Ads run for a period of 5 days and Reader Reach Amazon Ads run for a period of 5-10 days. The campaigns start small and build over time, therefore you’ll likely see sales or downloads spread out over a longer period and not a single day spike.

While all campaigns differ, especially since we run ads for free, discounted, and full-priced books in a variety of genres, we have found some general ranges for the results authors can expect from a Reader Reach Ads campaign.

For our Reader Reach Facebook Ads campaigns we see the following range of results: 

  • Impressions: 4,000 – 10,000 impressions per campaign
  • Clicks:  200-800 clicks from Facebook to Amazon
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): $0.10 – $0.40 depending on genre and book price. Higher book prices result in higher CPCs

For our Reader Reach Amazon Ads campaigns we see the following range of results: 

  • Impressions: 100,000 – 400,000 impressions per campaign
  • Clicks:  200-400 clicks on Amazon
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): $0.35 – $0.45 depending on genre and book price. Higher book prices result in higher CPCs

Expanded Visibility

Reader Reach Ads are a way to access an expanded audience that is not accessible with an email promo from Written Word Media (or other promo sites). Reader Reach Ads provide a quick and easy way to get your book in front of thousands of new readers.


How to book Reader Reach Ads

Scheduling your Reader Reach Ads is quick and easy.

  1. Select whether you want to run Facebook Ads or Amazon Ads and pick your genre
  2. Select the start date of your campaign
  3. Input your book information
  4. Complete checkout, and our team takes care of the rest

Reader Reach Ads are currently available for titles in the following genres: 

  • Cozy Mystery
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Sweet Romance
  • Steamy Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Historical Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy/ Paranormal
  • Horror
  • Literary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Children’s Books


Reader Reach Ads Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book Reader Reach Ads?

You can book Reader Reach Ads like any other Written Word Media service. Simply select Reader Reach Ads, choose your genre, select the 5 day period you want your ads to run, input your book information, and complete your purchase. Our team handles the rest, and will contact you if any questions arise.


Which retailers does Reader Reach Ads support?

Currently, Reader Reach Ads promote Kindle eBooks available on the US Amazon store.


What are the book price requirements for Reader Reach Ads?

Books featured on Reader Reach Facebook Ads do not need to be discounted to be eligible. You are welcome to purchase a Reader Reach Ad for either full-priced, discounted, or free eBooks. While we do not have a price restriction for the books we accept, we do know that books priced at $4.99 or less show the best results.

Book featured on Reader Reach Amazon Ads must be priced between $0.99 and $4.99 to qualify.


Do Reader Reach Ads require more work from an author than running an email promo with a site like Freebooksy or Bargain Booksy?
No, Reader Reach Ads are extremely easy to use for authors. Simply pick your genre, your ad campaign start date, enter your book information, and you’re done! The Reader Reach Ads team handles the rest.


Can I set up an ongoing campaign with Reader Reach Ads?
Not at this time. Reader Reach Ads can be scheduled with a one-time payment, and the campaign will run for 5 days. There is no recurring fee or long-term commitment.


What genres does Reader Reach Ads promote?

Currently, Reader Reach Ads can promote books in the following genres, Mystery, Thriller, Cozy Mystery, Steamy Romance, Romantic Suspense, Sweet Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Fantasy/ Paranormal, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Horror, Young Adult, and Children’s Books.

Stay tuned for more genres to be added in the coming weeks and months.


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    1. Hi K.C. Once your ads are live on Facebook you’ll receive an email from us letting you know. If you’d like to see what they look like, just reply to that email and let us know and we can send over a screenshot.

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Great Question. When an ad is complete, we send authors the clicks and impressions data from the campaign. We unfortunately can’t share the specifics of the audience details, as these are often based on lookalike audiences from our Written Word Media brands email subscribers.

  1. It would be great to see more genres being added soon. Particularly true crime from my point of view. Fingers and toes crossed in hope. Expanding also out to UK Amazon. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Prash. We’ll definitely let you know if we expand to the true crime genre or if availability beyond US Amazon becomes available!

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