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Subscriber Surge Giveaways

Press Release: Written Word Media Supports Authors Efforts to Sell Direct with New List Building Product for Authors

Subscriber Surge Giveaways

Durham, NC – Written Word Media has announced the release of a new product for authors, Subscriber Surge Giveaways. The service is designed specifically to help authors quickly grow their newsletter subscriber base with engaged readers via the power of eBook giveaways.

In the ever-evolving world of indie publishing, authors are continually seeking innovative ways to connect with readers and build a dedicated fan base. “Authors are increasingly seeking ways to interact with and sell directly to their fan base. Subscriber Surge is an efficient and effective way for authors to achieve this goal,” said Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media. Subscriber Surge Giveaways help make the email list-building process as easy as possible for authors.

“We are thrilled to introduce Subscriber Surge Giveaways to the author community,” said Mike Hourigan, VP of Marketing at Written Word Media. “We understand the challenges authors face in finding and retaining their audience, and this platform is designed to offer a unique and effective solution. By leveraging the power of giveaways, authors can build lasting relationships with their readers, grow their Beta reader list, increase reviews, and ultimately increase book sales.”

Written Word Media is uniquely positioned to make this product a success. The company’s flagship reader newsletters have over one million subscribers. “We have a decade of experience with list-building,” said Ferol Vernon, COO of Written Word Media. “The expertise we have developed over that decade is extremely valuable and it’s very exciting to be able to share the secret sauce with our authors.”  

Subscriber Surge Giveaways feature select eBooks in a genre-specific giveaway offering readers a chance to win these books PLUS a Free Kindle by signing up for author newsletters. This enables authors to add up to hundreds of readers interested in their genre to their email newsletter.

Subscriber Surge Giveaways offer customers a range of unique benefits including:

  1. A consistent stream of high-quality newsletter subscribers. Unlike some giveaways which rely on the same email list to supply authors with readers, Written Word Media utilizes paid advertising to promote each giveaway to ensure fresh readers join the authors’ list.
  2. Authors get access to your new subscribers much faster. Instead of only sharing new readers’ email addresses with authors at the end of the giveaway, Subscriber Surge Giveaways feed new subscribers to authors through the duration of the giveaway, so readers are added to email lists quickly. The lists are then securely delivered directly to the authors dashboard. By engaging with new subscribers sooner, authors are more likely to see new readers become invested in what they have to share! 
  3. Prize fulfillment on behalf of the author. The Written Word Media team takes care of all the giveaway logistics, including prize fulfillment saving time and money for each author. 

The first group of Subscriber Surge Giveaways includes eight different genres and more will be added in the coming months. To learn more about Subscriber Surge Giveaways, visit


About Written Word Media

Written Word Media is a tech-enabled marketing platform for authors and publishers, with a mission to empower literary creators. Written Word Media has served over 40,000 authors and publishers to efficiently and effectively drive book sales and build readership. The Written Word Media reader audience surpasses one million readers across its portfolio of media properties that include Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance, NewInBooks, and AudioThicket. 

Written Word Media is a sustaining donor-partner of the nonprofit, Book Harvest, whose mission is to provide books and ongoing literacy support to families and their children.

The company is also allied with the SPF Foundation, which provides scholarships to aspiring authors. Written Word Media is proud to be carbon neutral. 

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