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Press Release: Written Word Media Unveils Revolutionary Product Offering for Authors: Promo Stacks

Durham, NC – Written Word Media is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough product, Promo Stacks, designed exclusively for authors. Promo Stacks represents a game-changing solution that brings unparalleled convenience to the world of book marketing.

Positioned as a leader in the industry, Written Word Media’s recent strategic partnership with Hello Books has paved the way for the introduction of promo stacking to its platform. By seamlessly integrating Hello Books promotions, authors and publishers gain access to an extensive array of promotional opportunities, allowing them to elevate their book sales and enhance their visibility in the fiercely competitive self-publishing landscape. Promo Stacks represents the initial step in this exciting collaboration.

Promo stacking involves the strategic combination of multiple book marketing tactics within a condensed time frame, amplifying the impact of each individual tactic. Often coupled with discounted book prices, promo stacking focuses on a cohesive approach to book marketing, ensuring enhanced visibility across diverse platforms and audiences.

At the heart of this innovation lies Written Word Media’s cutting-edge Promo Stacks technology. This groundbreaking feature automatically assembles and schedules pre-made, single-day, and multi-day marketing promotions, spanning the entire Written Word Media product catalog. This catalog includes homegrown promo sites such as Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance, as well as the highly regarded Reader Reach Managed Facebook Ads. In addition, Promo Stacks seamlessly integrates with other third-party promo sites including Hello Books, Fussy Librarian, and eReaderIQ. This unified approach provides authors and publishers with a comprehensive marketing solution, ensuring maximum visibility for their books, increased sales or downloads, and valuable time savings in scheduling their marketing campaigns.

“We are extremely proud of the technology solution that enables Promo Stacks,โ€ said Ferol Vernon, COO of Written Word Media. โ€œPrior to this launch, the promo stacking process often involved complex spreadsheets or the assistance of virtual assistants, consuming hours of an author’s valuable time. We have successfully eliminated these pain points. With Promo Stacks, authors can now effortlessly schedule a 5-day Facebook Ad campaign and secure placements in three promo site newsletters in a matter of minutes.”

Promo Stacks are now accessible to all authors through the Written Word Media platform. Moreover, premium members will enjoy a 10% discount on all their Promo Stacks purchases, further enhancing the value and benefits offered by this innovative tool. For further information about Promo Stacks and Written Word Media’s complete suite of services, please visit

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    How can the launch of Promo Stacks by Written Word Media benefit new writers in terms of book marketing and increasing their visibility in the competitive publishing industry?

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