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Press Release: Written Word Media Partners with She Writes Press and SparkPress for Spring eBook Sale

Written Word Media, She Writes Press, and SparkPress are thrilled to announce that the brands are partnering a second time within one year to promote reading and support authors, with a focus on spotlighting debut female novelists.

Written Word Media and its child brand, NewInBooks, are teaming up again with She Writes Press and SparkPress to offer over 40 featured She Writes Press and SparkPress eBook titles at a discounted price of $.99 per book. The sale will be hosted on the NewInBooks website, and will include cross-promotion with other Written Word Media brands, including Bargain Booksy

“In light of our brands’ successful partnership in October 2019, for the National Book Month 50 books for $50 sale, we can’t wait to celebrate the one-year anniversary of several award-winning and best-selling She Writes Press and SparkPress titles from our spring 2019 catalog. We are thrilled to partner with NewInBooks and BargainBooksy to spread the love of reading to our growing community of authors, readers, and influencers,” says Lauren Wise, associate publisher at She Writes Press and SparkPress.

The Spring eBook Sale will take place from March 12-23, 2020, with the goal of stocking up e-readers for spring break reading. It also falls on the week after National Read an eBook Week, and will help fill the libraries of those looking for some unique opportunities to keep the sale week going! It will feature eBooks first published with She Writes Press and SparkPress in the Spring of 2019 with the majority of titles coming from female authors.


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“We are delighted to celebrate these books’ first birthday by bringing them to our audience of over 100,000 NewInBooks readers. We know our readers will love these novels; getting them at a discount is the cherry on top,” says Ricci Wolman, founder and CEO at Written Word Media.

“This collaboration partly stems from a dedication in celebrating female authorship,” adds Lauren Wise. “Our hope is to open the doors to new titles and authors for not only NewInBooks and BargainBooksy readers—but our own readers and authors, as well.”

About She Writes Press and SparkPress

She Writes Press and SparkPress are independent, hybrid imprints with a focus on female authors, publishing fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, and YA titles. She Writes Press was named 2019 Indie Publisher of the Year by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG). Since their respective starts, in 2012 and 2014, She Writes Press and SparkPress titles have won over 900 medals and finalist titles; received endorsements by figures such as Joyce Carol Oates, Wally Lamb, and Gloria Steinem; rave reviews by media such as O! magazine, the New York Times, People, and USA Today; and dozens of starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly. As publishers, both imprints are focused on merging the best of traditional publishing with new and innovative strategies, and are seen as industry leaders, setting a gold standard for independent publishers.

About Written Word Media

Written Word Media connects authors and readers. The Written Word Media audience recently surpassed one million readers across their portfolio of media properties. Each property caters to a specific reader audience, allowing authors and publishers to reach the readers most likely to buy their book. Written Word Media has worked with over 20,000 authors and publishers to efficiently and effectively drive sales and build readership.

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