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Press Release: Written Word Media Goes Carbon Neutral

Written Word Media today announced a new partnership with Green Places. Through this partnership, Green Places will calculate the company’s annual carbon footprint and proactively offset it by investing in green projects for a sustainable future.

“As a small business, we feel it’s important to do our part to combat climate change,” said Ricci Wolman, CEO at Written Word Media. “We may be small, but if enough small businesses take action, that can add up to real impact.”

 In addition to the partnership with Green Places, Written Word Media has also joined a growing community of Stripe users committed to carbon removal and scaling technologies to combat climate change. By partnering with Stripe Climate, a portion of every transaction is contributed to carbon removal.

“This provides a meaningful way for our customers to participate in our efforts,” said Wolman. “And hopefully pushes us from being carbon neutral to being carbon negative as a company.”


About Written Word Media:

Written Word Media connects authors and readers. The Written Word Media audience surpases one million readers across its portfolio of media properties. Each property caters to a specific reader audience, allowing authors and publishers to reach the readers most likely to buy their book. Written Word Media has worked with over 20,000 authors and publishers to efficiently and effectively drive book sales and build readership.


About Green Places: 

Green Places helps businesses fight climate change by providing simple, turnkey solutions to both offset and reduce their carbon footprint. The company serves as a sustainability manager for businesses that lack dedicated in-house resources, developing sustainability plans tailored to each customer and utilizing science-backed solutions that help customers reach their sustainability goals. For more information, visit

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