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Press Release: Written Word Media Expands Reader Reach Ads to Amazon

Written Word Media today announced the launch of Reader Reach Amazon Ads, an expansion of their existing Reader Reach Ads service for authors and publishers. Reader Reach Amazon Ads enables authors to easily advertise to readers on Amazon in addition to the existing Reader Reach Facebook Ads service.

“This expansion is very exciting,” said Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media. “We continue to deliver efficient marketing products that authors and publishers need. The demand for Reader Reach Ads for Facebook, which we launched in the fall of 2021, has exceeded our expectations. By expanding to Amazon we are now able to help authors connect with readers on two of the major advertising platforms for books.”

Reader Reach Amazon Ads is an expansion of Reader Reach in addition to Facebook Ads which launched in fall 2021.

“We’ve been very happy with the response to Reader Reach Facebook Ads,” said Evan Chaisson, VP of Product at Written Word Media. “And we’ve heard our authors asking for help with Amazon Ads as well, so this expansion was an easy call. Since launching Facebook Ads in September, we’ve been actively testing and planning this new service to fill that need. We’re excited for it to now be available to our customers.”

Features and benefits of Reader Reach include:

  • Time saving: Reader Reach allows authors to schedule a five day Facebook or Amazon ad campaign in five minutes. The Reader Reach team handles all ad creation, targeting and optimization.
  • Access to proprietary audiences and targeting: Written Word Media is able to leverage their audience of over 1 million readers to create effective audiences for Facebook marketing, and has conducted exhaustive testing on Amazon to confirm that books are advertised to vetted audiences.
  • Cost saving: For authors and publishers, setting up, testing and optimizing digital ad campaigns is expensive. Reader Reach uses ad creative, targeting and bidding that is already optimized, so ad spend goes straight to effective ads, not testing.

Reader Reach Amazon Ads will be available starting May 11, 2021, at $150 per 5 day ad campaign. For more information on Reader Reach Ads, visit


About Written Word Media: Written Word Media connects authors and readers. The Written Word Media audience surpasses one million readers across its portfolio of media properties. Each property caters to a specific reader audience, allowing authors and publishers to find the readers most likely to buy their book. Written Word Media has worked with over 20,000 authors and publishers to efficiently and effectively drive book sales and build readership.


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