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Press Release: Written Word Media and Hello Books Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Authors

Written Word Media is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Hello Books, marking a significant milestone in its mission to enhance the reading experience for book lovers worldwide and empower authors to expand their reach. 

Written Word Media is taking an operational and equity stake in Hello Books to align the two companies in every way. This collaboration (part of Written Word Media’s new Promo Partners Plus program) brings together the extensive experience and expertise of both organizations, creating a powerful synergy which will benefit readers, authors, and the publishing industry as a whole.

With Hello Books co-founded by successful authors Mark Dawson and James Blatch, who also run the highly regarded Self Publishing Formula (SPF), this partnership brings together industry expertise and proven strategies to support authors on their publishing journey. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in providing authors with a comprehensive platform to maximize their reach and success.

Mark Dawson, co-founder of Hello Books, expressed his excitement for the partnership, stating, “As a longstanding fan and customer of Written Word Media, I am thrilled to merge our strengths and resources. This venture will unlock value for authors and readers alike, presenting new opportunities for authors to expand their audiences and enabling readers to discover and recommend outstanding new books. I am eagerly looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey.”

Hello Books boasts a thriving international subscriber base, while Written Word Media’s current promotional sites predominantly cater to the US market. By combining forces, this partnership creates a powerful platform that bridges geographical boundaries, allowing authors to tap into global audiences and expand their readership worldwide. Both Written Word Media and Hello Books’ audiences will be accessible through the Written Word Media platform, allowing authors to quickly and easily aggregate their reach. 

Under the agreement, Written Word Media will assume operational responsibilities for Hello Books, leveraging its digital operations prowess, data analytics capabilities, and customer service excellence to enhance the platform’s functionality. Through this collaboration, Hello Books subscribers will enjoy an even more enriching and personalized reading journey, while Hello Books authors will gain increased avenues to connect with readers.

“This partnership with Hello Books marks a pivotal moment in empowering authors and enhancing book promotion,” said Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media. “Written Word Media has built a comprehensive platform to streamline book marketing, and now, by joining forces with Hello Books, we are taking a crucial step in becoming a one-stop shop for authors. This partnership will save authors invaluable time, while providing them with the necessary resources to expand their reach and achieve their publishing goals.”

The partnership between Written Word Media and Hello Books underscores a shared commitment to empowering authors and transforming the publishing landscape. By revolutionizing book promotion processes and offering a comprehensive platform for authors, both companies aim to simplify the marketing journey, maximize exposure, and improve how readers discover and engage with books.

With this collaboration, Written Word Media solidifies its position as an industry leader, dedicated to providing authors with the necessary tools, guidance, and exposure to thrive in today’s publishing industry. Authors worldwide can look forward to a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective platform that supports their goals, saves them valuable time, and enables them to connect with readers on a global scale.


About Written Word Media

Written Word Media is a tech-enabled marketing platform for authors and publishers, with a mission to empower literary creators. Written Word Media has served over 40,000 authors and publishers to efficiently and effectively drive book sales and build readership. The Written Word Media reader audience surpasses one million readers across its portfolio of media properties that include Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance, NewInBooks, and AudioThicket. 

Written Word Media is a sustaining donor-partner of the nonprofit, Book Harvest, whose mission is to provide books and ongoing literacy support to families and their children.

The company is also allied with the SPF Foundation, which provides scholarships to aspiring authors. Written Word Media is proud to be carbon neutral. 


About Hello Books

Hello Books – built and run by the team behind the Self Publishing Formula and helmed by multi-million selling indie author Mark Dawson – has become a trusted ally for authors and publishers in their pursuit of driving book sales and expanding readership. With a track record of assisting countless authors, Hello Books has established itself as a valuable resource in the industry. Their wide-reaching reader network spans a diverse audience of book enthusiasts in multiple countries, allowing authors to connect with readers through its weekly promotions.

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4 comments on “Press Release: Written Word Media and Hello Books Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Authors
  1. I have been trying to access Written Word Media’s customer support people for a couple of weeks with no success. Nobody returns my emails anymore. I ran a Reader Reach Facebook campaign in March and had great email and phone support with live people. Now, nothing. Please let me know if you are bringing back customer service. Thanks!

    1. Hi Maggie, Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry you haven’t had a reply to your email. I have forwarded your message to the relevant team member and they will get back to you ASAP.

  2. Hi I just listened to a podcast with the Self Publishing Formula where they talked about the partnership with Hello Books and WWM and about promo stacking on Hello Books, Fussy Librarian etc as a one stop shop. I can’t find it anywhere on either of your websites. Can you please let me know where to find this?

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