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Written Word Library

Introducing the Written Word Media Library at the American Underground

Written Word Library

Introducing the Written Word Media Library


The American Underground just got a brand new perk: the Written Word Media library. Get your read on, AUers.

We’re thrilled and honored to be a part of the American Underground @ Main. We wanted to give back to the AU community in the best way we know: through books. We believe that books are a force for good in this world. A book can inspire, challenge, comfort, and delight – all at once. We want to share the literary happiness with our fellow AU members.

Where is the Written Word Media Library?

The Written Word Media Library is in the basement of the American Underground @ Main, inside the vault near the tables.

How does it work?

Find a book you like and write your name on the sign out sheet. When you’ve finished reading the book (no rush!), please bring it back so that other AUers can enjoy it.

What kind of books are in the library?

We’ve curated a mix of brand new releases in all genres (and some books that aren’t even out yet – yeah, you read that right) and older titles that our team members love. The library is comprised of mostly fiction, but we do have some memoirs and nonfiction titles that we think you’ll like.

How do you pick the books?

We’re book insiders. Every week we scour the web to find what’s new and what you should be reading and feature those on We purchase our favorites (and the ones we think AU members will enjoy), and fill the shelves with those titles.

Can I request a specific book / genre / author to be added to the library?

Absolutely! Email us and we’ll get you reading your next favorite book.

I want all of the books!

We understand. Sign up for NewInBooks and we’ll send you the best new books in your favorite genres every week, handpicked by the book insiders in suite 206.

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