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Author Dashboard Announcement

Introducing The Author Dashboard

Author Dashboard Announcement

The Author Dashboard was launched in April 2018 and has two key features that Authors and Publishers have been asking us for:

  • It will allow you to see all past and upcoming promotions you have scheduled on Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance, NewInBooks, and Reading Stacks.
  • It will allow you to easily schedule new promotions and re-run old promotions without having to re-enter book data.

Please note that while we’re calling it the Author Dashboard, we define Author broadly and the Dashboard is available to publishers, promoters, book publicists, and anyone else who wants to market books. Signup is 100% free for all users.

How to Sign Up for an Author Dashboard

As of today anyone can sign up for an Author Dashboard Account here! When you sign up, we’ll automatically pull all of the old promotions associated with your email address into your new dashboard and all promotions you have booked in the future will get recorded there as well. All author dashboard accounts are free! If you do not want to sign up for a Dashboard, you will still be able to purchase promotions the same way you have in the past. After you book a promotion, you will always be offered the opportunity to sign up for an Author Dashboard Account, but you are free to ignore that option.

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 All Your Promotions In One Place

The Promotions tab will show you all upcoming promotions you have scheduled with Written Word Media. You will always know the status of your promotion with color-coded, easy to read, status codes. You will also see all past promotions you have run with Written Word Media. Past promotions have easy to read status codes as well.

The Promotions Tab makes it quick and easy to schedule your promotions and check their status.

Re-Run Promotions with Just a Few Clicks

One of the great parts about having all your promotions in one place is you can easily see which ones you will want to run again. Our system makes re-running a promotion incredibly simple. Click the actions button next to the promotion and select Re-Run Promotion. That’s it! You will need to pick a new date, but you will not need to re-enter any of the book information.

Re-run a book promotion with only a few clicks

Keep Track of Other Promotional Activities with Notes

Each promotion has it’s own promotion details screen. This screen gives you all the information about a single promotion, including the book description and the price of the book on the day of the promotion. The Promotion Details screen provides another very powerful feature, Notes. The Notes section is where you can add any other marketing activity you have happening at the same time of your promotion, like running AMS ads or sending an email to your author mailing list. It’s an easy way to glance at all the activity you have planned for that title. No more complicated systems of calendars and spreadsheets, you can keep all the info in the Notes section in your Author Dashboard.

Adding Notes to a Promotion

Never Forget to Promote a Book with a Centralized Book List

When you log in for the first time, The Books tab will pull in all the books you have ever promoted with us and any books for which you have upcoming promotions.  You can easily add all your titles to the Books Tab by clicking the Add Books button. You can add ANY book you have on Amazon, even if you have never promoted the book with us before. The Add Books button will connect to Amazon and allow you to choose which of your books to add to your Dashboard.

Adding Books into the Author Dashboard

When you are ready to promote a title, you simply click on the Promote Book button next to your chosen title. By keeping all your books on your Author Dashboard you can make sure you never forget to promote a book. You will get alerts on each book if it hasn’t been promoted for 90 days, so you never forget which books have had recent promotions and which haven’t.

Coming Soon to Your Author Dashboard

The goal of the dashboard is to make scheduling book promotions easier (saving you time) and provide easy access to book new promotions (helping you sell more books).  Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be adding more features that save you more time and help you sell more books.  Your Written Word Media dashboard is now the centralized place you can manage all your online marketing activities related to your books.

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    1. Hi There, the dashboard definitely works for authors with Pen names. Your author dashboard will allow any number of author names. It is linked to one unique email address so even if you have many pen names, as long as you use one email address to run promotions all the promotions will be saved in your account.

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