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Audio Thicket promotions

How to Promote an Audiobook on Audio Thicket

Audio Thicket promotions

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Written Word Media family – Audio Thicket! Audio Thicket is a promotion site dedicated to helping authors drive sales and redemptions of audiobooks on Audible, Apple, Google Play, and Kobo Audio. Authors can now promote their audiobooks on Audio Thicket by reserving a spot here.

The Audience

The Audio Thicket audience is comprised of readers who listen to audiobooks either as their primary way of reading or as a supplement to reading ebooks and physical books. The Audio Thicket audience includes:

  • Audible subscribers who have credits to redeem and are seeking audiobook recommendations
  • Audiobook deal seekers who willingly switch between audiobook platforms to get the best deal
  • Audio enthusiasts who regularly listen to audiobooks and podcast content as their primary entertainment source

The Newsletters

Audio Thicket currently sends two weekly emails:

  1. The Mystery Monday Email and the
  2. Weekly Deals Email

1) The Mystery Monday Email

Genres: The Mystery Monday Email goes out to listeners interested in mystery, thriller and true crime content.

Timing: The Mystery Monday email goes out every Monday evening around 8pm

Audiobook Pricing Criteria: There are 2 Mystery Monday promotions available:

1a) Weekly Deal / Deal of the Day:

This promotion is for free or discounted audiobooks. Audiobooks must be free or priced at $2.99 or below on Apple and/or Google Play to qualify. The Deal of the Day audiobook will also include an Audible link.

Audiobook Deal of the Day


1b) Audible Exclusive:

This promotion is for audiobooks exclusive to Amazon. There is only one Audible Exclusive audiobook per email.

Audible Exclusive promotion


2) Audible Picks Email

Genres: The Audible Picks Email goes out to listeners interested in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, True Crime, Steamy Romance, Clean Romance, and Fantasy

Timing: The Audible Picks Email goes out on Wednesdays

Audiobook Pricing Criteria: An “Audible Credit” link will be included for listeners to redeem the book through their Audible membership. The audiobook does not need to be discounted on Audible.

The Audible Picks Email promotion includes:

  • Your audiobook featured in the Weekly Audible Picks email.
  • An “Audible Credit” link for listeners to redeem the book through their Audible membership.
  • The audiobook does not need to be discounted on Audible.
  • Inclusion on the Weekly Audible Picks page on the website.

A Note on Audible

We understand that authors do not have pricing control on Audible. For a Weekly deal we require that your book is free and discounted on one non-Amazon retailer. However, we also include Audible links as a link option for Audible members to redeem their credits for your book. An Audio Thicket promotion will result in sales on non-Amazon retailers (Apple, Google Play, etc) in addition to Audible redemptions in the days and weeks following your promotion.

Getting Familiar

To get familiar we Audio Thicket we recommend signing up for the newsletter here.

You can also submit your audiobook for editorial consideration here.

Are you ready to promote your audiobook? Reserve your spot here.

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One comment on “How to Promote an Audiobook on Audio Thicket
  1. No use for me at the moment sadly as I write historical fiction – not currently covered. Hopefully you may expand your offering over time. (I have had successful ebook promotions with you.)

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