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How to Create an Amazon Book Series Page

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One of the major advantages of writing into a series is that your books are automatically grouped and linked on Amazon, making it easier for readers to find the next book in the series. If you write into a series, making sure your series is correctly set up on Amazon can improve your sales results dramatically. In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get your series set up on Amazon.

When publishing a book series on Amazon, there are two terms to know and understand: Series Collection and Series Detail Page

How to Create Your Series Collection

How to Get Your Series Page

Creating Your Amazon Book Series Collection

A Series Collection refers to a group of books that are linked within a series and shown as such on Amazon.

What are the requirements for a series collection?

There are six requirements to qualify as a series collection on Amazon. Specifically, books in a series must:

  • Be published through KDP.
  • Have a Matching Series Name in the Series Name Field. To be a Series Collection, all books in the series must have a matching series name. For example, in the Chronicles of Narnia series, book number 1 is titled “The Magician’s Nephew” and book 2 is titled “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” The series name (The Chronicles of Narnia) is the same for all books in the series.
  • Include the Correct Series Number in the Series Number Field.
  • The title must have the exact Series Name and Series Number in one of the following places: Book cover, Interior (Look Inside), Product description (metadata)
  • Be available for purchase
  • Be a full-length novel (prequels, novellas and short stories are excluded)


Once you have met all these requirements, Amazon will automatically group your books into a series collection. You can reference Amazon’s requirements here

Does my series have to be ordered?

If your series is published in the US, Amazon allows for it to be ordered or unordered. This means that US authors can leave the series number blank and Amazon will order the series by the publication date.

In all other markets, Series Collections need to be ordered. A Series Collection will be ordered by the series numbers in the title.

How do I know if my books are in a series collection?

You can check if your books have been grouped into a series collection on Amazon by going to any book in the series and looking below the book listing. Once books are grouped into a series, a section will appear below books in the series that says “Books in This Series” and shows the covers of each of the books in the series.

Amazon series collection

Why isn’t my new release showing as part of my series?

It can take several days for a new title in a series to show as part of a series, so be patient if your newest release is not yet showing. If it has been over a week and your new release is not yet showing as part of a series, double-check that you have your titles set up to meet all Amazon’s requirements. If you have everything correct on your end, you can then Contact KDP Support for help.

Getting a Series Page

Once you have a series collection, your series will be eligible for a Series Collection Page, also known as a Series Page. The Series Page allows customers to see and buy all eBooks in a series from a single page. This feature is currently available on a limited basis on,, and Please note that not all features are available in every marketplace.

What does a Series Page look like?

A series page is a dedicated landing page that features all the books in your series in chronological order. The Series Page has a Buy Now button for each book, as well as a Buy Now button for the entire series. A Series Page looks like this:

Amazon Series Page
This is an Amazon Series Page


Do I have a Series Page?

To check if you have a series page, simply click on the “Complete Series” image in the “Books in the Series” section on Amazon. When you click on that image, you will be directed to your series page. If the image is not clickable, you do not yet have a series page.

Amazon series collection


How do I get a Series Page?

Currently, Amazon does not always automatically enable your Series Detail Page. If you have a Series Collection but not a Series Page, you can request one from customer service.

To request a Series Page from Amazon, follow these steps:

1) Make sure your series collection is enabled and working (see above)

2) Log into your KDP Dashboard

3) Click Contact Us at the very bottom of the page

KDP Contact Us

4) Click on “Amazon Product Page and Expanded Distribution” and Select “Kindle Series Collection”


KDP Support Tab

5) Submit a request
Submit one request for all of your series collection updates. All eBooks in your series must be available for purchase and have matching series information, as well as ordered volume numbers (decimals, zeros, and prequels are not supported).


You can copy and paste this language and then customize it with your book information to make your request:

Type of Request: Create a Series Page

Hello –

I currently have [x] books in my [series name]. All the books are currently linked in a Series Collection and I would like to have a dedicated Series Page.

Can you please create a Series Page for the following titles in the [series name] series:

Thank you!

[Author Name]

Series Page Request


Amazon will usually respond within a few days confirming that they have set up your series page.

What is the URL for my Series Page?

To find the URL for your series page, click on the “Complete Series” image in the “Books in the Series” section on Amazon. When you click on that image, you will be directed to your series page. Copy your URL from the address field in your browser.

Series Page URL

What are the Benefits of an Amazon Series Page?

There are quite a few benefits to a Series Page, namely:

      • The Series Page gives you a branded landing page for readers that highlights your series. Unlike the Amazon book page, you are not competing with other books or Amazon advertising on the Series page.
      • The Series Page allows readers to purchase the entire series at once with the click of a button. Authors report significantly higher sales of books in a series when readers are sent to the Series Page.
      • The Series Page is personalized to each reader. Amazon knows which books the reader has purchased previously and adjusts the Buy Now button to only include books the reader does not yet own.
      • The Series Page makes it easy for readers to determine which books in a series they have not yet read. This means that even if you are promoting Book 1 in a series, sending readers to a Series Page, has the positive side effect of also alerting readers who have already read Book 1 to other books in the series.

Now that your series page is set up, be sure to read our complete guide on how market a series on Amazon.

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11 comments on “How to Create an Amazon Book Series Page
  1. Hmmm I have a novelette that is the first book of what will be a full length series. Would that preclude me from a series page?

    1. Hey Susan, You are correct. Novelettes won’t be be included in a series page, so you’ll need at least 2 full-length books in the series to get the page.

        1. Hey James, That’s great! My guess is Amazon didn’t classify those as “short stories” like you did, so they are included in the page. This is great because it gives you opportunities for more sales!

    2. I have a first in series novella on a series page with no other books added. At the bottom of the page is a link to a 5k word short story related to the series; things have changed since last year. On top of this, you can now write a description for the series, as well.

  2. Why do my books have to be published through KDP to warrant a Series Page?

    I’m a self-published series author, and would love to see my books on a Series page…

    1. Hey Victoria, I would recommend reaching out to your publisher to see if they can help you. I’m not sure why Amazon requires a series to be published via KDP to get the Series Page, but it is a requirement as stated in this post from Amazon.

  3. I’ve heard your accompanying paperbacks won’t be featured on this ebook series page. Can you create a series with matching series page for the paperbacks as well?

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