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Self-Publishing Guides

Five Essential Guides to Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing Guides

Both new and established self-publishers are always seeking out the latest, greatest information in their field. Our editorial team has gathered five books for writers that are sure to motivate and inspire established and new self-publishers alike. From the basics of just getting started to more advanced knowledge like digital media strategy, these books will surely take your writing business to new heights!

 1. Self-Publishing: The Secret Guide To Becoming A Best Seller

by: Richard McCartney

Marketing is hard. Marketing your own book as a newly self-published author is even harder. With McCartney’s insight, including how to find engaged readers and how to best advertise your book, you’ll be on the path to self-publishing success. While we read reviews that suggested this book is suitable for intermediate and advanced self-publishers, we think that McCartney’s knowledge could benefit anyone starting off in this world.

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2. Successful Self-Publishing: How to Self-Publish and Market Your Book: Books for Writers 1 – Audiobook

by: Joanna Penn

While the paperback version of this book was published in 2015, Penn’s recently released audiobook means that you can learn about self-publishing at any time and at any place. As a bestselling self-published author, Penn knows a thing or two about publishing and marketing. Turn to this book if you’re interested in learning about both the basics (what you need to know before you self-publish) and more advanced skills (such as book marketing tactics) needed to publish on your own. This audiobook could be the difference between continuing to write for yourself and finally getting your work out to the public.


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3. The Business of Being A Writer

by: Jane Friedman

Are you looking for tips for running the business behind your art? Jane Friedman has more than twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, with an emphasis on digital media strategy for authors and publishers. She offers practical advice that will help empower authors to turn their craft into a long-lasting career.

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4. Authorpreneur: Build the Brand, Business, and Lifestyle You Deserve. It’s Time to Write Your Book

by: Jesse Tevelow

Do you dream of elevating your part-time writing occupation to the next level? Jesse Tevelow shares industry secrets that will guide you in building your writing career and teach you to navigate the self-publishing industry like an expert. Jesse has a passion to inspire authors to find freedom and wealth through their careers and has personal experience in producing profitable bestsellers.

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5. Let’s Get Digital

by: David Gaughran

So you’ve written your book, but how do you get it in front of the right readers? David Gaughran offers expert advice on self-publishing like a pro with best practices for captivating readers and driving traffic to your book. Authors will get a crash course in blogging, optimizing keywords, and gain insight into Kindle Unlimited pros and cons. A must-read for self-published authors that want to take charge of their marketing plan.

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Now it’s time to get reading! Be sure to take notes, and don’t forget to tell us about the most helpful piece of advice you discover in our comments or on twitter @writtenwordm.

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