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Editorial Reviews and How They Can Help Sell More Books

Editorial Reviews and How They Can Help Sell More Books

Editorial Reviews and How They Can Help Sell More Books

Standing out amidst the sea of books is a constant challenge for authors. In this quest for visibility and credibility, editorial reviews emerge as a powerful tool. Unlike reader reviews or author endorsements, editorial reviews carry a unique weight, as they often come from professionals or popular influencers in the book industry. Let’s delve deeper into what editorial reviews are and how they can significantly impact book sales.


Why Editorial Reviews Matter

Credibility is at the core of why editorial reviews are important. When a book receives praise from a respected source in the publishing world, it gains a stamp of legitimacy. This credibility extends to readers, who are more inclined to trust a book with positive editorial reviews. 

Moreover, editorial reviews play a crucial role in marketing efforts. They serve as persuasive endorsements that can sway potential readers and increase the chances of a book being noticed among the staggering amount of choices available.


How are Editorial Reviews Different from Customer Reviews?

While both editorial reviews and customer reviews serve as assessments of a book’s quality, there are some significant differences between the two.


Editorial Reviews: These reviews are written by professionals in the industry, such as critics, journalists, and experts in the field. They can also be from well-known influencers or other popular authors. These are typically not linked to a reader purchase from a retailer.

Customer Reviews: These reviews are written by readers who have purchased and read the book. They are typically found in the customer reviews section of online retailers and need to be associated with a purchase.



Editorial Reviews: The primary purpose is to provide an objective evaluation of a book’s literary merit, plot, writing style, and thematic elements. They aim to inform readers and influence their purchasing decisions.

Customer Reviews: Customer reviews serve multiple purposes, including sharing personal opinions, experiences, and recommendations with other readers. They can also highlight specific aspects of the book that resonated with the reader or areas for improvement.



Editorial Reviews: Due to their association with reputable sources and industry expertise, they can carry a significant amount of influence.

Customer Reviews: While customer reviews can sway potential readers’ opinions, their influence may vary depending on factors such as the reviewer’s credibility, the number of reviews, and the overall rating of the book.


How Editorial Reviews Can Help Sell More Books

How do editorial reviews help authors sell more books? Firstly, they boost visibility. Books with positive reviews are more likely to be featured prominently in bookstores, online retailers, and promotional campaigns. This increased exposure means more people will see your book, which can lead to a significant sales boost.

Additionally, reviews contribute to improved conversion rates. When a book boasts glowing endorsements from reputable sources, a hesitant reader might be more inclined to purchase. Furthermore, accumulating positive reviews enhances an author’s credibility within the industry, which can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.


How to Get Editorial Reviews

Securing an editorial review often requires proactive effort on the part of the author. This involves reaching out to professional reviewers, submitting books for consideration, or participating in review programs. The amount of work required for each review provider will vary. For example, some may only need a link to your book and a synopsis, while others will require the entire manuscript or book to qualify.

If you do need to submit your finished book, it’s crucial to ensure that it is review-ready. This means investing in quality editing, professional cover design, and proper formatting to make a favorable impression on potential reviewers.

In general, getting editorial reviews can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, it doesn’t always have to be this hard. Services like NewInBooks offer a free editorial review blurb to help make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. If you’d like to submit your book for consideration and have an editorial review blurb from NewInBooks, click here.


How to Use Editorial Reviews

So, you’ve worked hard to get your first editorial review, now what? Thankfully, getting the review is the hardest part, pushing these reviews in front of potential readers is a fairly easy and straightforward process.

Dedicated Editorial Review Section

Most online book retailers will have a dedicated editorial review section when listing your book. This is a great place to put them on display.

Editorial Reviews and How They Can Help Sell More Books 2


How to use an Editorial Review in Marketing

Editorial reviews can also be integrated strategically into your marketing plan. This could involve featuring them prominently on your author website, sharing them in social media posts or ads, and incorporating them into a press release or blog post. Below you can see an example of how to incorporate a review into a social media post or ad.

Editorial Reviews and How They Can Help Sell More Books 3



In the competitive world of self-publishing, editorial reviews are invaluable assets for authors seeking to elevate their visibility, credibility, and sales. By actively seeking out reviews and leveraging them effectively, authors can significantly enhance their chances of success in an industry where standing out is half the battle.


Remember, you can submit your book for a free editorial review at NewInBooks and start selling more books!

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