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Look no further than Hello Books – the ultimate eBook promo platform to help your writing soar and connect you with eager readers hungry for your stories​

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Now powered by the friendly team at Written Word Media!

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Hello Books opens the door to a whole new audience! We’ll get your free book into the hands of readers (across the globe!) who may have never discovered you otherwise. Prepare for a wave of excitement and exposure surrounding your story.

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With Hello Books, the more books you give away, the higher you’ll climb on the Amazon free chart. Soar to the top and shine among the bestselling authors. It’s time to claim your well-deserved spot!

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More book sales mean more revenue in your pocket. And if you’re enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, get ready to witness your page reads skyrocket along with your sales. It’s a win-win situation!

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Prepare for epic book launches like never before. Hello Books will introduce you to legions of new readers who will become your loyal super fans. Brace yourself for an army of devoted readers eagerly awaiting your next release!

Hello Books, now powered by the friendly team at Written Word Media, is here to turn your dreams of reaching more readers and boosting your book sales into reality. Join our vibrant community of authors today and let’s embark on an exhilarating journey together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my book for promotion?

You can submit your free book for promotion here.

Note: At present, you can only submit ONE book or boxset at a time. You are responsible for ensuring that your book is set to FREE for ALL readers during the promotion period (not just Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Refunds will not be offered if your book has to be withdrawn because it has not been discounted.

How many days will my book need to be Free?

If selected, we will send you details of your promotion dates. Our promotions run once a week, from Friday to Sunday, so your book must be set to Free for the three days the promotion is running. There is no need to set your book to Free before you have been accepted. We will give you plenty of notice to make your arrangements.

Can I promote a paperback, hardcover or audiobook?

No, we only run promotions on Kindle eBooks. If selected for a promotion, you only need to discount your Kindle version to free!

How soon will I know if my book has been accepted?

We aim to assess your application as soon as possible – hopefully within a few days. Some genres may take longer than others, depending on how many submissions have been received.

Which genres are you accepting books in?

We’re currently running promotions in the following nine genres:


  • 1. Crime (Crime Fiction)
  • 2. Mystery (Cozy Mysteries; Historical Mysteries; Mystery)
  • 3. Thrillers & Action (Thrillers; Action and Adventure; Psychological Thrillers)
  • 4. Romance (Contemporary Romance; New Adult Romance; Romantic Suspense; Historical Romance)
  • 5. Paranormal Romance
  • 6. General Fiction (Historical Fiction; Women’s Fiction; Literary Fiction; Christian Fiction)
  • 7. Science Fiction
  • 8. Fantasy
  • 9. Teen, Middle Grade & Young Adult (Children’s Middle Grade; Young Adult)

Do you accept/promote books in languages other than English?

Not at the moment, but we’ll consider it going forward!