Our mission at Written Word Media is to empower authors to reach their audience. The way we do this is to continually build the reader audience for each of our sites. The primary way we reach our readers is by sending them a daily or weekly email filled with fantastic books that they will love.

We know using services like ours are an effective tool for authors to reach an audience and sell more books. We also know that Written Word Media is not the only tool you have as an author in your marketing arsenal. Other effective tools that are working for authors today are building your own mailing lists and running your own ads.

That’s why we partnered with Mark Dawson on this webinar. Mark is a very talented and successful writer, and he is highly proficient in author marketing techniques.

Mark uses our service. He has built his own mailing list and sells thousands of books. Mark has found Facebook ads to be a very effective way to build his list and sell books. We thought he would be a great resource for our authors so we partnered on this webinar to he could share some of the tips and tricks he has been using on Facebook.

You can view the full webinar below. Enjoy.

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