We know that being authors, you are busy writing. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 articles that indie authors were talking about this week.  Now you can spend five minutes catching up on industry news and the rest of your day doing what you do best, writing.

1. A Brave New World

This week Digital Book World took place in New York with presentations from Data Guy (Author Earnings), Fred Argir (Barnes & Noble’s CDO), and Rand Fishkin (SEO Guru) to name a few. Panels and presentations covered the topics of audience and customer analytics, marketing, audiobooks, sales channels and diversity in publishing. Written Word Media represented on the email marketing panel. We could spend days summarizing all that was said, but luckily Digital Book World Daily has done it for us in their hearty wrap-up. Grab a fork and dig in.

 2. Say it Ain’t So

At the end of February Samhain Publishing sent an email to their authors announcing that they are shutting down operations due to declining sales of the titles they represent. Samhain Publishing is a publisher of more than 2,200 titles by over 600 authors. In their email they detailed that their market share has declined to the point where they can no longer sustain the business, so they are laying off half their staff and all freelancers. Samhain Publishing will continue to sell many of their titles as the company winds down. Full details on how that will work and the process for authors to get their rights back are detailed at the end of the letter.

3. A Small Nook

Barnes & Noble is shutting down Nook UK effective March 15th (yep, that’s in 4 days). Existing UK Nook customers will be transferred to Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand. With this closure Nook now operates solely in the U.S. In addition to the Nook UK closure, Barnes & Noble is also shutting down operations of it’s Nook App store and is directing users and developers toward the Google Play Store for future app transactions.

4. Three Two One…Blast Off

This week PubLaunch, a new crowdfunding site for authors launched in beta. Last Fall the leading crowdfunding site for authors, Pubslush, closed its doors. Colborne Communications (PubLaunch’s parent company) was in talks to acquire Pubslush but the transaction never closed. PubLaunch is their shot at developing their own crowdfunding platform for authors. Will they have more success than Pubslush? Only time will tell.

5. All Good Things in Life are Free

Many authors use free as a powerful marketing tool for their books, either by setting their book to free for a limited time or making their book permanently free (perma-free) to hook new readers to their series or other titles. How to go about setting your book free can be confusing so Lynne Cantwell has broken it down for us in her latest post on how to set your book free on Amazon.

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