We know that being authors, you are busy writing. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 articles that indie authors were talking about this week.  Now you can spend five minutes catching up on industry news and the rest of your day doing what you do best, writing.

1. No Pie For You

The February Author Earnings report was released on Monday of this week.  It shows a shrinking slice of market share for traditional publishers and a growing share of Amazon ebook sales going to indie authors. There’s lot of great data included the report and we’d recommend you give it a skim at the least. Another interesting stat to emerge is that 14% of daily downloads on Amazon take the form of full-KENC pages-read equivalents for self-published authors. Many in traditional publishing pooh-pooh this report, citing issues with the data. To this point The Bookseller launched an indie sales tracker acknowledging that, though under-reported, the self-published e-book sector is a growing area of the overall book business.

Our take: even if the absolute numbers on this report are overstated, the trend remains clear: indies share of sales and profit are growing.

2. A Nightmare on KDP Street

Elizabeth Craig penned a great account of her experience when one of her titles were flagged by Amazon for quality control issues. The issue was eventually resolved, but not before the title had a dreaded warning label slapped on it and was temporarily removed from sale. Elizabeth shares her learnings and her discovery of how to get a KDP rep on the phone (the quick version: go to this page and submit a ticket requesting a call back “in five-minutes”).

3. The Call of the Wild

This past weekend the New York Times profiled Meredith Wild, the bestselling romance novelist who has also started her own publishing company, Waterhouse Press. It’s always a win to see self-published authors getting page real estate in the NYT. The journalist also covered industry trends, many of which echo the trends that Author Earnings is pointing to. A few stats we found interesting: Amazon has more than four million e-books in its Kindle store, up from 600,000 six years ago and Last year, a third of the 100 best-selling Kindle books were self-published titles on average each week, an Amazon representative said.

4. Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Cassandra Clare, the author of the YA Shadowhunters series, is being sued by author Sherrilyn Kenyon for “ trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, and trade dress infringement,” according to a lawsuit filed in Kenyon’s home state of Tennessee on Feb. 5. Kenyon alleges that Clare copied parts of her Dark Hunter series (first published in 1998), resulting in Clare’s Shadowhunters series becoming too similar to Kenyon’s own.This lawsuit will be closely watched by all writers, self-published and traditional, as it raises the question of what constitutes fan fiction and what constitutes plagiarism.

5. What did you Kay?

Chris McCullen has a helpful article out on the ins and outs of KENPC v2.0. KENPC (Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count) is the way in which Amazon measures and pays authors on the number of pages read in a book. The latest change took effect on February 1, 2016 and most authors have experienced minimal impact thus far. This is only relevant if you are a self-published author enrolled in KDP Select.


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