We know that being authors, you are busy writing. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 articles that indie authors were talking about this week.  Now you can spend five minutes catching up on industry news and the rest of your day doing what you do best, writing.

1. Cha-Ching

The KDP Select Fund for February announced a pool of $14 million for the month of February, down $1M from January. February is a shorter month than January which mostly accounts for the smaller pool. The KENP per page read rate went up 17%  to $0.00479. This is a win for authors and largely due to KENCP v2.0 which began on February 1st. Despite the higher payout there is still some anxiety over the recent issue of scammers doing their best to take a share of the pot.

2. And the Winner Is

Kindle Book Review released the latest results of it’s survey of indie authors. They announced the best book promotion sites for authors and we’re proud to say both Freebooksy and Bargain Booksy made the list. Other valuable findings from the survey: 65% of authors recommended using book promotion services to promote their books with the majority having the goal of boosting sales/downloads AND increasing reviews of their book.

3. Late to the party?

James Patterson plans to publish 40 “short and propulsive novels that cost less than $5” this year under a new brand called Bookshots.  The New York Times says Mr. Patterson’s plan is to make these titles “shorter, cheaper, more plot-driven and more widely available.” Something indie authors have been doing (and profiting from) for a while now. Mr. Patterson’s stated goal is to reach readers who have abandoned books for other types of media. Or perhaps he’s just trying to get a share of the lucrative self-publishing market? He will be publishing in the mystery, thriller, romance, science fiction and non-fiction genres.

4. A Spot of Tea with your Pie

Self-published titles rose from 16% of the UK e-book market by volume in 2014 to over a fifth of the UK market (22%) in 2015, according to Steve Bohme, research director at Nielsen Book UK. Print books saw a resurgence in 2015, with sales up 3% by volume and 4% by value, driven by women under 35 and men aged 55-84. The combined print and digital growth meant the overall book market was up by 4% in volume and 5% in value respectively. Purchases of audiobooks rose  by 27% in 2015, accounting for 3% of book purchases by volume. Three in five audiobooks were downloaded, with most listened to on phones, with a quarter bought on subscription.

5. Click Bait

RJ Crayton penned a helpful article on how to add a clickable link to your book trailer on YouTube. Mobile video views continue to double each year so video will be an important element of all authors’ online platforms in the future. Might as well get ahead of the curve.

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Posted 03/24/2016

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