We know that being authors, you are busy writing. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 articles that indie authors were talking about this week.  Now you can spend five minutes catching up on industry news and the rest of your day doing what you do best, writing.

1. Old Dog, New Trick

Amazon launched it’s giveaway tool last year, and for it’s first year of existence you could only give away physical products, making it hard for eBook only indies to take advantage of. This week Amazon announced that they have now expanded the items that you can offer in a giveaway to include eBooks. Over on DBW, Chris McMullen shared seven ways that you can use this new tool to your advantage.

 2. A Dime a Dozen

The elite status of “bestselling author” is, perhaps, not so elusive. Brent Underwood discussed in his recent article the apparent ease of being dubbed a #1 best seller in your sub-genre on Amazon.  He goes on to describe how authors who claim best selling status when their books have reached this status on Amazon alone are cheating the system by grasping at notoriety.

3. Wide Receiver

One of the most important decisions a self published author faces is where to sell their books. Will you choose to enroll in KU and be Amazon exclusive, or will you go “wide”, distributing your work through all platforms? With people finding success on both sides of the divide, it’s a tough question. This week many came out in favor of going wide and reaching the largest possible audience, including Ethan Jones over on Kobo Writing Life and Liesha Petrovich on Huffington Post.

 4. Pretty In Print

Over in our 10 Trends in Publishing Every Indie Author Needs to Know we talked about how independent and self published works are continuing to become more mainstream, and a way to push that along is to start getting your work and your story featured in traditional media. This week Outskirts Press, a self publishing and book marketing company, announced that they have a new partnership with Publishers Weekly which will get your book featured on the Publishers Weekly website and in the print and digital editions of the magazine. Placement for Indies in mainstream media? Check.

5. The Better To Eat You With My Dear

One of the publishing giants gobbled up yet another small fish this week when Hachette agreed to buy Perseus Publishing, an independent press specializing in non fiction and the publisher of a lot of buzzy titles in recent years, including the best seller H Is For Hawk. Since Perseus’s mission was to be “committed to enabling independent publishers to reach their potential”, we wonder how the company will change under it’s new leadership.

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