We know that being authors, you are busy writing. So we’ve rounded up the top 5 articles that indie authors were talking about this week.  Now you can spend five minutes catching up on industry news and the rest of your day doing what you do best, writing.

1. Back to the Future

Reedsy’s new book editor launched this week to a lot of buzz. Techcrunch summed up the technology best:

“You could think about this book editor as a Google Docs for books. It lets you write and edit in your browser and everything is saved in real time. Multiple persons can edit at the same time, make comments and track changes. It replaces the cumbersome back-and-forth process involving Word documents and weird file names.

When everything is done, you can tweak the layout and export your book into a publishable ePub and PDF. After that, authors can self-publish their books on the Kindle Store, iBooks Store or do whatever they want with them. PDFs are compatible with most print-on-demand services.”

Looks pretty cool to us.

 2. Go Fund Me

The KDP Select Global Fund has been set to $12M for February. The fund for January reached a record high of $15M, however the payout per page read reached a low of $0.00411. Chris McCullen penned an interesting article on dynamics behind the fund and the payouts. Februay payouts will provide a lot of information on where the trend is heading.

3. “Change is the Only Constant”

Scribd announced another change to it’s subscription service early this week. As part of the re-structured service, all Scribd users will receive unlimited access to “Scribd Select” books and audiobooks, a rotating collection spread across a variety of genres. In addition, all users will have access to three books and one audiobook of their choice each month from the entire Scribd catalog. The monthly fee of $8.00 will remain unchanged for subscribers.  This is another effort by Scribd to maintain a subscription service AND stay in business. A battle that Oyster lost last year when it closed its doors.

 4. Threes a Crowd

Ben Galley’s resource and detailed-filled article on how to crowdfund your book resurfaced this week. It’s not the newest news but it’s a great resource for authors out there considering crowdfunding as a means to bankroll their next book.

Another great resource that came out this week is Lauri Boris’s tutorial on how to run a Goodreads giveaway. A perfect primer for authors looking to leverage the Goodreads platform.

5. Men are from Mars

JellyBooks released its findings on the difference in reading habits of men and women. Women tend to purchase ebooks at a much higher rate – test groups showed a 20/80 male/female split when it came to purchase behavior. However once a book is purchased the likelihood that it will be read through to the end was the same for both men and women. Men tend to decide earlier on if they like a book or not, check out the full article for cool graphs and other data tidbits.

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