Here are the top 5 articles on indie publishing from the past week.

1. Smashing!

Smashwords released the findings of their fifth annual 2016 Smashwords Survey this week. The survey takes a data-driven approach to identify potential best practices that can give authors an incremental advantage and identifies habits of the most successful authors. Mark Coker has done a great job of summarizing the key takeaways here. If you’re going to read one article this week, the survey findings should be it.

2. Steady as she Goes 

The Kindle Unlimited per-page rate held steady at $0.00477885 for March, a steady rate compared to the $0.00479 for February, 2016. The KDP Select Global Fund increased to $14.9M for March, 2016, up 6% from February’s $14M. in Chris McMullen’s opinion, “With KDP Select books earning $14.9M in royalties per month just from Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime borrows, it’s clear that Kindle Unlimited has become a huge market. Any book not enrolled in KDP Select is missing out on this $15M per month market share, and needs to make up the difference through other venues. Not an easy task, though sales and even borrows usually don’t come easily.” Read more about the trend on Chris’s blog.

3. Supremely Denied

On Monday of this week the Supreme Court rejected a challenge from The Authors Guild to Google’s online book library. Previously, lower courts have said that Google can offer small portions of books online without violating copyright laws.

4. What’s that I See in the Distance

Amazon released a new kindle this week, and named it the Oasis. It’s retailing for $290 with new features including an ergonomic grip, bette rbattery life and even lighter than previous models. This piece will help you decide if you need to trade your old one in. 

 5. Extending a Life Line 

Kobo announced Wednesday the expansion of its Kobo Writing Life services for self-published authors, which include cover design, ebook conversion and copyrighting.


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