This post appeared on April Fool’s Day 2016. 

In an unexpected show of unity, President Barack Obama and current GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, met to share their opinions on the state of the publishing industry. On the front steps of the Library of Congress, the message from opposite ends of America’s political system were surprisingly similar.

“It’s true, Donald and I don’t agree on much. But we can see through all our disagreements to the fact that nothing will be as important to the economic state of our nation than the success of independent authors,” began the POTUS’s opening statements.

Unexpectedly, while the President delivered the opening address, Trump could be seen nodding emphatically, and when he stepped up to the podium, Trump’s own words on the independent author community were remarkably similar. “They are generating value for all Americans”, said Trump.

The press conference was unexpected. Most media outlets only received word of the event hours before it occurred. The announcement from the two opposites came as a surprise to more than just the press in attendance. “I see Barack on his Kindle, reading cozy mysteries when he has free time, but I never thought this would happen,” First Lady, Michelle Obama responded when asked about the event.

While neither the President nor the GOP Candidate have said anything nice about the other’s actions, stances, or promises in the political world, their mutual belief in the importance of the independent author market is a welcome sign of unity in times of deep political schism.

President Obama closed his remarks by saying, “It is a testament to this country’s greatness that I can find what I’m looking for every time I seek out a new ebook. Independent authors are serving every type of reader and making their work affordable for every-day Americans. If you take anything away from what you’ve heard today, it should be this: read more books by independent authors. They are our future.”




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